#, a

3-Eyed Turtle, n
sex technique

5-minute shack up, n (mid 60s)
1. quick sexual act with little or no tenderness
2. rushed act of sex
syn. one night stand; quickie

66, n
oral sex position
rel. analingus ; cunnilingus ; fellatio

69, n
oral sex position
rel. analingus ; cunnilingus ; fellatio

175, n
1. mark on the back of homosexuals in Nazi Concentration Camps
2. reference to Paragraph 175 of the Penal Code
rel. 175-er ; gay ; homosexual ; lesbian 

175-er, n
male homosexual (Germany 20s & 30s)
rel. 175 ; German Penal Code, Paragraph 175; gay ; homosexual ; lesbian

A, n
symbol used to mark homosexuals in Nazi concentration camps

A-200, n
brand name of a disinfectant for crabs

Aaron’s rod, n

Abelian, n
one of a temporary sect in Africa

Abelonian, n

Abelite, n

abdomen, n
part of the body between the thorax and the pelvis

abdominal ring, n
oblong tendinous ring in each groin , through which pass the spermatic cord in men and the round ligaments of the uterus in women 
syn. inguinal ring

Abigail, n
nickname for a middle-aged closeted homosexual

abort, v
defecate after being penetrated anally

absolute code, n (50s)
rule concerning outing a homosexual

abstinence, n
1. not taking part in sexual acts 
2. not masturbating 
3. denial of all sexual pleasure
rel. born again virgin ; secondary virginity

abstinency, n

abstinent, adj
refraining from the indulgence of one’s appetites

abstinently, adv
with abstinence

a-buck, n
sex position

abuse oneself, v (late 1500s)
syn. self abuse

abyss, n
resisting anus that has been overly used for anal intercourse

access, n
in law, admission to sexual intercourse

accordion, n (late 60s)
penis that dramatically increases in size once erect
syn. hidden magic; surprise package

accost, vt
solicit for sexual purposes (said of prostitutes , etc.)

accouterments, n
male genitals

AC-DC, n

AC-DC, adj

ace gear, n
sexually-talented homosexual

acquired immune deficiency syndrome, n
sexually-transmitted disease 
rel. HIV ; human immunodeficiency virus

acrosome, n
very small body at the anterior end of a spermatozoon

acrotomophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from another’s amputation

active, n
1. one who engages in sex 
2. active during anal intercourse

active-passive split, n
belief concerning male-male sexual activity

ACT-UP, n (abbreviation)
AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power

adolescentilism, n
fetish involving arousal from impersonating an adolescent

adult, adj
1. having arrived at mature years or having grown to full size and strength
2. pertaining to adults
3. suitable for adults
4. pornographic 
syn. xxx

adult, n
1. person grown to full size and strength, or to the years of manhood or womanhood
2. mature person
3. in law, one who has come of age

adulterant, n
that which adulterates

adulterate, adj
1. guilty of adultery 
2. adulterous

adulterately, adv
in an adulterate manner

adulterateness, n
quality, or state, of being adulterated

adulterer, n
one (especially a man) guilty of adultery

adulterine, adj
of, or resulting from, adultery or adulteration

adulterine, n (rare)
in law, a child issuing from an adulterous relationship

adulterize, vi (archaic)
commit adultery

adulterous, adj
1. guilty of adultery 
2. pertaining to adultery 
3. born of adultery (obs)

adulterously, adv
in an adulterous manner

adultery, n
1. violation of the marriage bed
2. sexual intercourse between a married man and a woman not his wife, or between a married woman and a man not her husband
3. in scripture, all manner of lewdness or unchastity 
rel. wittol ; wittolly

adultery, vi (obs)
1. commit adultery 
2. adulterate

adultress, n
woman guilty of adultery

advouturer, n (obs)
an adulterer

advoutress, n (obs)

advoutry, n

advowtry, n
alternate spelling of advoutry

Aegisthus, n
in Greek legend, the son of Thyestes and lover of Clytemnestra

affable, n
one who is open for sexual consideration

affair, n (abbreviation)
love affair

affaire d’amour, n (French)
love affair

affaire de coeur, n
love affair

afterglow, n
good feeling experienced after sex (especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm )

agamist, n
1. unmarried person
2. one who is opposed to marriage and advocates celibacy (obs)

agate, n
small penis

A-gay, n 
A-list gay

age of consent, n
lowest age at which sex is legally permissible
rel. zoo queen

aggie, n
homosexual sailor

aggressive, n
one who likes to have vigorous, violent sex

AIDS, n (abbreviation)
acquired immune deficiency syndrome
rel. HIV ; human immunodeficiency virus

A.I.D.S., n anally-inflicted death sentence

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, n
direct-action protest group

AIDS terrorist, n
one who is HIV+ and engages in unprotected sex

air express, (80s)
sex with a male airline attendant

Alcibiades, n
Greek statesman

Alexander the Great, n
Greek king and general

algolagnia, n
1. sexual gratification derived from giving or receiving pain
2. abnormal sexual pleasure derived from inflicting or suffering pain
3. masochism or sadism

alphamegamia, n
1. attraction to older men
2. arousal from a partner of a different age group

alter, vt (dial)

alternation of generations, n
occurrence of generations in alternate order

A-list gay, n
homosexual elite who has power, money, and privilege

Altoids, n
brand name of a breath mint, said to provide extra pleasure when used by a person performing fellatio

ambisextrous, adj
bisexual (rare)

Amadis, n
faithful lover

amative, adj

amativness, n
in phrenology, a faculty which is suppose to influence sexual desire

amatorious, adj (obs)

amatory, adj
pertaining to, expressing, or causing love (especially sexual love)

ambivalence, n
indecisiveness of bisexuals who are, simultaneously, attracted and repulsed by both heterosexual and homosexual activity

amies, n
amyl nitrite ampoules

amoral, adj
1. without morals 
2. not following an accepted moral code

amorado, n (obs)

amoret, n
1. amorous girl
2. paramour (obs)

amorist, n
1. lover 
2. gallant 
3. inamorato

amorosa, n (Italian)
1. amorous woman
2. sweetheart or mistress

amorosity, n
1. quality of being amorous 
2. amorousness (rare)

amoroso, n (Italian)
1. lover 
2. man enamoured

amorous, adj
1. inclined to, or making, love 
2. loving 
3. fond 
4. in love 
5. enamoured (of a person or thing)
6. pertaining to, produced by, or indicating love 
7. of sexual love or love-making

amorously , adv
in an amorous manner

amorousness, n
quality of being amorous

amour, n
love affair (especially one of an illicit or secret nature)

amourette, n
alternate spelling of amoret

amphigenesis, n

amphigenic invert, n

amphigonic, adj
relating to amphigony

amphigony, n
1. sexual reproduction
2. propagation by the sexes

amputation fetish, n
arousal from the sight of an amputation

Amy-John, n
1. dyke 
2. aggressive lesbian 
3. girlish homosexual who will conduct himself in an aggressive effeminate fashion
4. hermaphrodite 
5. masculine lesbian , with attitude
syn. Apache; brother-girl; bull dyke; big diesel; big diesel dyke; cat; collar-and-tie; dagger; dandysette; Derrick; dike; Dutch girl; fellow; gal-officer; girl kisser; goudou; goungnotte; grousse; he-she; horsewoman; Jasper; jota; king; king stud;lady-lover; lasser; lesbo; major; mal-flor; manflora; Manny; mantee; marimacho; mason ; no-nuts; pansy without a stem;pantalonuda; penis-envy queen; polone; poppa; pot; queer bird; queer queen; sapphist; she-male; she-man; shesexual; shim

amyl nitrite, n
hallucinogen believed to be an aphrodisiac

anaclitic, adj
in psychoanalysis, having the libido dependent upon another instinct

anal, adj
1. pertaining to the anus 
2. situated near the anus

anal beads, n
sex toy

anal buccaneer, n (80s)
homosexual man

anal eroticism, n
anal intercourse

anal erotism, n
anal eroticism

anal-genital, adj
sexual act involving penetration of the anus with a penis

analingus, n 
oral sex performed on the anus 
syn. rimming

anal intercourse, n 
insertion of the penis , or some other body part or object, into the anus for sexual gratification

anal jabber, n (80s)
homosexual man

anal sex, n
anal intercourse

anaphrodisia, n
1. lessening, or a lack, of sexual desire
2. impotence

anaphrodisiac, adj
tending to lessen sexual desire

anaphrodisiac, n
drug, or treatment, tending to lessen sexual desire

anaphroditic, adj
in biology, produced asexually

androdyke, n (abbreviation)
androgynous dyke

androgen, n
male sex hormone or similar substance that can give rise to masculine characteristics

androgynal, adj

androgyne, n
1. effeminate, homosexual man
2. hermaphrodite

androgynism, n

androgynous, adj
1. having the characteristics of both sexes
2. both male and female in one
3. hermaphroditic

androgynous dyke, n
lesbian who is neither very masculine nor very feminine
syn. flannel-shirt dyke; pc dyke

androgyny, n
1. hermaphroditism
2. state of being androgynous

andromania, n

androphile, n
one who has homosexual feelings toward an older, and more mature, masculine ideal

androphobia, n
abnormal fear of the male sex

androsterone, n
male sex hormone found in male urine

angel, n
1. passive during anal intercourse
2. male who pays for sexual services or solicits a prostitute
3. older man who shows affection for his younger male lover with gifts
4. older man who supports a younger lover or friend
syn. John; papa gateau; Santa Claus; sugar daddy

angel with a dirty face, n (obs)
male homosexual who would like to indulge in homosexual practices but is timid or hesitant about it

Angles, n American network of gay and lesbian law students

Angry Dragon, n
sex maneuver

anilinctus, n
alternate spelling of analingus
syn. rim

anilingus, n
alternate spelling of analingus

animalize, vt

anisonogamist, n
attraction to either older or younger partner

ankle, n
1. joint which connects the foot with the leg
2. part of the leg between the foot and the calf

anonymous sex, n
sexual relations between consenting adults who don’t know each other and never exchange names

anorgasmic, adj
incapable of having an orgasm

antaphrodisiac, n

anteater, n
penile erection

anteprostate, n
gland in front of the prostate gland

anthropophagy, n
sadistic sexual perversion

antihelix, n antihelices, antihelixes
rounded pieces of cartilage inside the outer rim (helix) of the ear

antiman, n (Caribbean)
homosexual man

Antinuous, n
Roman courtier

antiorgastic, adj
having a tendency to repress sexual excitement

antisyphilitic, adj
1. remedial in cases of syphilis
2. antivenereal

antisyphilitic, n
medicine given in cases of syphilis

antivenereal, adj
used in treating venereal disease

Antony, Mark, n
Roman general

antorgastic, adj

anus, n anuses, ani
1. opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal
2. opening between the buttocks through which one defecates and can anal intercourse

Apache, n (30s)
1. dyke
2. aggressive lesbian
3. girlish homosexual who will conduct himself in an aggressive effeminate fashion
4. hermaphrodite
5. masculine lesbian, with attitude
syn. Amy-John; brother-girl; bull dyke; big diesel; big diesel dyke; cat; collar-and-tie; dagger; dandysette; Derrick; dike; Dutch girl; fellow; gal-officer; girl kisser; goudou; goungnotte; grousse; he-she; horsewoman; Jasper; jota; king; king stud; lady-lover; lasser; lesbo; major; mal-flor; manflora; Manny; mantee; marimacho; mason ; no-nuts; pansy without a stem; pantalonuda; penis-envy queen; polone; poppa; pot; queer bird; queer queen; sapphist; she-male; she-man; shesexual; shim

apanthropy, n
1. aversion to the company of men
2. love of solitude

aphrodisia, n
1. violent sexual desire
2. coition

aphrodisiac, adj
1. exciting sexual desire
2. increasing the appetite for sexual intercourse

aphrodisiac, n
1. food or drug exciting sexual desire
2. substance that aids sexual arousal and desire

aphrodisiacal, adj
1. exciting sexual desire
2. increasing the appetite for sexual intercourse

aphrodisian, adj
relating to Aphrodite (hence, given to sexual gratification)

Aphrodite, n
in Greek mythology, the goddess of love, identified with the Roman’s with Venus

apotemnophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from amputation

apple-squire, n (obs)

Arabian Goggles, n
sex maneuver

areola, n areolae, areolas
1. anatomical name for the darker skin that circles around the nipple
2. in anatomy, the circle surrounding a nipple, varying from pink to brown

areolar, adj
1. like or pertaining to an areola
2. consisting of areolae

areole, n

areolet, n

arm, n
1. penis (40s)
2. in anatomy, either of the two upper limbs (especially the part extending from the shoulder to the hand)

armhole, n

armpit, n
1. hollow place or cavity under the arm at the shoulder
2. axilla

aroma of man, n
amyl nitrite

around the world, n
sexual technique

arse, n (vulgar British 1600s-1800s)

arse bandit, n (British)
homosexual man

arsehole, (British)

artificial insemination, n
impregnation of a female with semen from a male without sexual intercourse

asexual, adj
not interested in sexual intercourse with man or woman

aspermatism, n
1. condition where a male has difficulty ejaculating
2. condition involving a lack of semen in a male
3. in medicine, defective secretion of semen or lack of formation of spermatozoa

aspermatous, adj
characterized by aspermatism

aspermia, n

aspermous, adj

asphyxiophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from being strangled

ass, n
1. either of the two rounded, fleshy parts of the rump, buttocks, and anus
2. anal intercourse
syn. arse; back yard; backs; backside; beautocks; beauts; beauty; biscuit; biscuits; bonbons; boody; booty; bottom; broad; bucket; bum; bun; bunghole; buns; bun-bun; bunt; butt; buttocks; caboose; cakes; can; canetta; canister set; cashmerian togas; change machine; change register; cheeks; chips; chundini; copper penny; cozy drop; cunt; cupcakes; cushion; derriere; dokus; drop; duff; duster; English muffins; fanny; fesse; flip side; fundillo; gatees; gazeet; ham; hill-lock, hill-locks; hernandies; hips; honey rolls; hot cross buns; hot pockeroo; jamblocks; kazoo; keester; labonza; loaves, love buns; male tale; moon; money maker; motor; nachas; naka-nake; ninan; okole-mas; paddies; patties; pellin; piece of luggage; popo; potcharooney; poundcake; pratt; puss; pussy; rolls; roscas; rosey; rum; set of cakes; set of pears; sitzbein; sizzlers; south-end, spare tire; smallers; sugar cookies; tail; taquitos; tokus; tooky; twin-hills

assault, n (euphemism)

ass-blow, v

ass boy, n (90s)
homosexual man

ass business, n

ass fuck, n

ass-fuck, v

assfucker, n
homosexual man

ass fucking, n
anal intercourse

ass games, n
anal intercourse

asshole, n
1. anus
2. rectum

asshole bandit, n (early 50s)
1. one who performs analingus
2. active during anal intercourse
syn. birdcage cleaner; bottom-sucker; kitchen cleaner; kitchen queen; rimski; rimmer; soup-sipper

asshole buddy, n
1. one who is not a lover but can be summoned for sex
2. one who is not a lover but can be partnered with to go cruising for anal intercourse threesomes
3. one, with whom, another can alternate as active and passive partners during anal intercourse

ass hound, n
ass queen

assleech, n (1990)
homosexual man

ass man, n
1. male, whose favorite part of the anatomy is the buttocks, anus, or rectum
2. man with a consuming interest in having sex

ass peddler, n

ass pirate, n (1998)
homosexual man

ass play, n
erotic stimulation of the anus, with the hand , penis or other body parts or toys

ass pro, n
1. male prostitute
2. prostitute who is, usually, penetrated
syn. bird taker; buff-boy; bunny; business boy

ass queen, n
1. one with an attraction to buttocks
2. one with a consuming interest in anal intercourse
syn. ass hound

ass raider, n
1. homosexual man (80s)
2. active during anal intercourse

atelia, n
condition, in which, an adult has the sexual organs of a child

Athenian, n
active pedophile

AugustusJulius Caesar, n
Roman emperor

au naturel, adj
in the natural state (hence, naked)

aunt, n
1. elderly male homosexual
2. lesbian who is mentor and, occasionally, protector of a male homosexual
3. prostitute (obs)
syn. aging actress; Aunt Mame

Aunt Fancy, n
male homosexual

Auntie, n (derogatory and affectionate)
middle-aged or aging male homosexual

Auntie Em, n

auntie queen, n
young man who seeks the love and companionship of older men

Aunt Mame, n
middle-aged homosexual

Aunt Mathilda, n
middle-aged homosexual

aunty, n
alternate spelling of auntie

aural, adj
relating to the ear

aureola, n
alternate spelling of areola

Australian active, n
performer of Australian sex

Australian passive, n
one, on who, Australian sex is performed

Australian sex, n
foreplay maneuver

autagonistophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from the possibility of being viewed in the nude

autassassinophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from putting oneself in situations in which one may be killed

autoerotic, adj
arousing sexual desire without intervention of external stimuli

autoerotic, adj
of or indulging in autoeroticism

autoerotic asphyxiation, n
autoerotic strangulation

autoeroticism, n

autoerotic strangulation, n
sex technique

autoerotism, n
1. sexual sensation arising without external stimulus, direct or indirect, from another person
2. self-generated sexual activity directed toward oneself
rel. masturbation

autofellatio, n
orally stimulating of one’s own penis

autofellation, n
oral excitation of one’s own penis

autosadism, n
infliction of pain upon oneself

autonepiophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from behaving as an infant
syn. infantilism

auxiliary, n
male genitals

available, n
1. one who is open for sexual consideration
2. one who has no lover, but is looking
syn. catchable; fuckable; affable; in circulation; on the make; suckable; up for grabs

axillary intercourse, n
sex maneuver
syn. pit job

ayuga, v (Las Vegas late 60s)

azz, n
alternate spelling of ass