eagle wings, n
sexual position

Earth mother, n
any buxom, sensuous woman who is inclined to mother others

Earthy-crunchy dyke, n
lesbian who is usually vegetarian and usually either new age or neo-

eastside glaze, n
ejaculation on the right side of the face

easy, adj
sexually consenting with little or no encouragement

easy make, n (40s)
man who is easy to get to participate in a homosexual act

easy-mark, n
1. man who is easy to get to participate in a homosexual act
2. person easily victimized or cheated

easy meat, n
1. man who is easy to get to participate in a homosexual act
2. person easily victimized or cheated
3. something done or acquired very easily (1920s British)
4. sexual victim, object or conquest

eat, n
any sexual activity that uses the mouth

eat, v
1. eat someone out (abbreviation)
2. perform cunnilingus
3. rim vigorously

eatable, adj
1. fit to be eaten
2. esculent

eatable, n (usually in plural)
1. anything that may be eaten
2. that which is fit for food

eaten, v
past participle of eat

eater, n
one who or that which eats

eath, adj (obs)

eath, adv (obs)

eat hair-pie, v
perform cunnilingus

eatin stuff, n
one of great sexual appeal
syn. table grade

eat it, v
perform cunnilingus

eat jam, v
perform analingus

eat out, v (abbreviation)
eat someone out

eat poundcake, v (40s)
1. perform analingus (usually as a prelude to intercourse)
2. lubricate the anus with saliva
3. widen the opening of the anus with the tongue
syn. rim

eat someone out, v
1. perform oral sex on a woman
2. perform cunnilingus
3. perform analingus (usually as a prelude to intercourse)
4. lubricate the anus with saliva
5. widen the opening of the anus with the tongue
syn. rim

eat with the hands, v
1. touch, or handle, the buttocks legs or crotch
2. fondle another’s clothed genitals
syn. cop a feel; feel; feel up; fist it; give somebody a grope; grope; honk; read Braille; reef; take somebody’s pulse

eat willy, v

éclair queen, n (mid 60s)
wealthy, homosexual male
syn. piss elegant faggot; piss elegant queen

ED, n (abbreviation)
erectile dysfunction

edgeplay, n
potentially dangerous sexual practices (often involving pain)
rel. fireplay

edible, adj
1. fit to be eaten
2. eatable

edible, n
anything fit to be eaten

edibles, n

edulious, adj (obs)

Effie, n
1. effeminate boy or man
2. stereotypical effeminate homosexual
syn. Angelina; bender; bentwrist; birdie; birl; bitch; bunter; buttercup; butterfly; butterfly boy; camp bitch; chirujo; cissy; sissy; cooch; coolie; cot betty; cow; cupcake; daffodilly; dainties dandy; darling; duchess; duck; gay as a goose; fag; fairy; fay; feigele; fagola; fellow; femme; filly; finicchio; Finn’s place names; fish queen; flame; flame artist; flame thrower; flamer; flaming bitch; flaming faggot; flaming lady; flaming queen; flapping fag; flicker; flit; flossy one; flower; flutterer: flying faggot; freak; freak of nature; fruit; fruitcake; fu; fuff; fluff; gay girl; giddy woman; girl; glitter girl; hair fairy; lacy lad; laddie; lily; lily white; limpwrist; lisper; little dear; loca; maricon; maripose; Mavis; milksop; milquetoast; min; mince; mince meat; mintie; hint of mint; miss boy; mollycoddle; mama’s boy; muffie; mujerado; Nance; Nancy boy; Nelly; neon-sign; neon-carrier; niceling; nicht; painted willy; pansy; panz; papaout; patapouf; pato; pee willy; Percy; perthy; petal; pix; fairy; pood; poof; poofter; pouf; powder puff; punta; queen; queenie; quin; quince; red lip; red one; screamer; screaming-bitch; screaming-faggot; screaming-fairy; screaming-Mimi; screaming-queen; screecher; sis; sissy; sissy-queen; sister boy; squeaking fag; squealer; sugar sweet; sweet boy; sweetheart; sweetie; sweet William; swish swisher; tapette; tauatane; tender lily; tit-face; toots; torch; tripper; triss; tweener; twinkle-toes; twit; twixter; uffimay; waffle; whoopsie boy; willy; winny; yoo-hoo boy; whoopsie boy

egg in the basket, n (rare)

syn. basket

egg-sucker, n
man who likes very young boys

Egyptian queen, n (late 60s)
Black male homosexual
syn. queen of Sheba

ejaculate, n
discharge of fluids
rel. zombie mask

ejaculate, vt
eject or discharge (fluids) suddenly
rel. zombie mask

ejaculation, n
1. in physiology, ejection of seminal fluid
2. male’s expulsion of fluid during orgasm
rel. female ejaculation; zombie mask

ejaculative, adj
of, or having the nature of, an ejaculation
rel. zombie mask

ejaculator, n
one who or that which ejaculates
rel. zombie mask

ejaculatory, adj
1. ejaculating
2. of or for ejaculation
rel. zombie mask

Elagabalus, n
Roman emperor

Electra, n
in Greek legend, daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra

elegant, adj
very prissy, elegant, male homosexual (appearing almost too feminine)

Electric Chair, n
sex technique

elumbated, adj (rare)
weakened in loins

Elysian fields, n

Elysium, n
1. in Greek mythology, a place assigned to virtuous people after death
2. Elysian fields

elytroplasty, n
vaginal surgery

elytroptosis, n
prolapsed of the vagina

elytrorrhapy, n

elytrotomy, n
cutting into, or through, the walls of the vagina

emasculate, vt
1. castrate
2. remove the testicles of

emasculation, n
1. act of depriving of testicles
2. castration

emasculator, n
person or thing that emasculates

emasculatory, adj

emission, adj
in medicine, discharge of fluid from the body (especially, an involuntary discharge of semen)

emissivity, n
rate at which emission takes place

emove, vt (obs)
excite, arouse

encarnalize, vt
1. make carnal
2. carnalize
3. incarnate

energy orgasm, n
sexual climax achieved through thinking off

engallant, vt
make a gallant of

engender, vi (obs)

engender, vt (rare)
1. produce by sexual union
2. beget

engenderer, n
one who or that which engenders

engendrure, n (obs)
act of engendering

English method, n
sexual technique

English muffin, n
1. boyish adolescent
2. youthful boy

English muffins, n
1. small, but rounded buttocks, of a teenager
2. buttocks
syn. ass

enjoy, vt (obs)
have sexual intercourse with

enjoyable, adj
capable of being enjoyed or giving enjoyment

enjoyer, n
one who enjoys

enjoyment, n
something enjoyed

enkindle, vt
1. excite
2. arouse

entertainment center, n
1. buttocks (slang)
2. groin (slang)
3. male nipples

enter, v
1. penetrate
2. put the penis into the vagina or anus

enthroned, adj
in a public toilet (said most often of tearoom queens)

entry and exit, n
anus available for anal penetration

ephebophile, n
one afflicted with ephebophilia

ephebophilia, n
1. fetish involving attraction to legal-age men (18-21)
2. fetish involving a sexual attraction to teenage boys

ephebos, n
one at adolescence or manhood

epicene, adj

epipubic, adj
1. above the pubis
2. pertaining to the epipubis

epipubis, n epipubes
bony or cartilaginous matter lying in front of the pubis

epithymetic, adj
1. pertaining to the sexual passion
2. sensual (obs)

epithymetical, adj

eproctophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from farts & farting

equipment, n
male genitals

erectable, adj
1. capable of being erected
2. erectile
rel. wood

erectile, adj
1. capable of being erected
2. erectable
rel. wood

erectile dysfunction, n
difficulty or inability to achieve an erection of the penis (euphemism)
syn. ED; impotence
rel. Viagra; wood

erectile tissue, n
in anatomy, tissue consisting of a network of expansible capillaries that under stimulus become engorged with blood and cause erection of the part
rel. wood

erectility, n
quality of being erectile or capable of erection
rel. wood

erection, n
1. occurrence of the penis becoming engorged with blood and rigid (due to sexual stimulation)
2. in physiology, becoming or being hard and swollen by filling with blood (said of erectile tissue)
3. state of sexual exacerbation of the penis

erectly, adv
in an erect posture or manner
rel. wood

erectness, n
state, quality, or fact of being erect
rel. wood

erector, n
in anatomy, a muscle that causes the erection of any part
rel. wood

erigible, adj (rare)
capable of being erected
rel. wood

erogenous, adj
1. causing erotic sensation
2. producing or tending to produce sexual desire
3. parts of the body, the stimulation of which, tends to arouse sexual desire

erogenous zone, n
region of the body which is especially sensitive to various kinds of stroking or caressing

erotic, adj
sexually exciting or interesting (used especially for stories, pictures, etc.)

erotica, n (euphemism)
1. sexually exciting stories, movies, pictures, etc.
2. erotic books, pictures, etc.
syn. pornography

erotical, adj
1. pertaining to or prompted by sexual feelings or desires
2. treating of sexual love
3. amatory; amorous
4. tending to excite sexual desire

erotical, n
1. person abnormally sensitive to sexual stimulation
2. erotic poem

erotically, adv
in an erotic manner

eroticism, n
1. erotic character, quality, or tendency
2. sexual instincts and behavior
3. preoccupation with sex
rel. yellow-stream queer; urolagnia

erotism, n
rel. yellow-stream queer; urolagnia

erotomania, n
excessive, or uncontrollable ,sexual passion

erotomaniac, n
one afflicted with erotomania

erotophonophilia, n
fetish involving sexual arousal from attempts, and thoughts, of killing someone

escort service, n
brothel where one can engage a male or female prostitute by telephone

esexual, adj (rare)
alternate spelling of asexual

estrone, n
female sex hormone

estrus, n
sexual excitement, or heat, of female mammals
rel. oestrus; rut

eunuch, n
1. castrated man in charge of an Asian harem or employed as a chamberlain or officer by an Oriental potentate
2. any castrated man
3. castrated male (often used in Asian harems to protect the chastity of the concubines)

eunuchism, n
state of being a eunuch

eve-teasing, n
harassment of, or sexually aggressive behavior toward, women or girls

evil, adj
1. having bad moral qualities
2. caused by, or considered as being caused by, immorality
syn. sinful; bad; wicked; corrupt; perverse

evil, n
1. moral depravity
2. wickedness
3. anything morally bad or wrong
4. homosexual

evil-doer, n
one who does evil

evil-doing, n
doing of evil

evilness, n
state, or quality, of being evil

evirate, vt (obs)

eviration, n (obs)

exhaust pipe, n
rectal opening
syn. anus

exhibitionism, n
1. getting sexual pleasure from exposing one’s self to others or being watched while having sex
2. in psychology, tendency to expose parts of the body that are conventionally concealed
3. instance of such exposure
ant. voyeurism

exhibitionist, n
one who indulges in exhibitionism

exit, n (abbreviation)
exit only

exit only, n
anus, one isn’t willing to allow to be anally penetrated

exosculate, vt (obs)
kiss (especially, heartily)

exotic dancer, n (euphemism)

explore the beads, v
1. discover sexual preferences of one’s partner
2. fondle another’s body

extimulate, vt

extimulation, n (obs)

eye, (40s)
1. anus
2. rectal opening

eyeball queen, n
homosexual who derives more pleasure from just looking than from anything else

eye doctor, n
1. pedicator (old English)
2. active during anal intercourse

eyeful, n
long look

eyliad, n
1. amorous look
2. ogle (obs)