F, n (abbreviation)

f2m, n
transsexual who is preparing to undergo or has undergone female to male sexual reassignment surgery
syn. ftm

face, n (Polari slang)
very attractive features

face artist, n (slang)

face cream, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. come; cum

face fucker, n
1. very attractive young homosexual male who uses his looks to his advantage
2. one seeking physical relations with men, for money or a place to live
3. attractive, young man or boy, used by the police to entrap homosexual men into performing a sex act in public
4. one being fellated
syn. fairy hawk

facesitting, n
fetish involving a woman sitting on another’s face, smothering this person

facial, n
semen ejaculated onto the face

facultative homosexuality, n
imprisoned heterosexual, displaying homosexual leanings and sexual desires and acting on them, which he/she will cease once released from prison
rel. situational homosexuality

fade, n
Black person who prefers Caucasian Friends and sex partners

fag, n (abbreviation)

fagateeny, n (80s)
1. homosexual
2. teenage homosexual

fag bag, n
woman married to a homosexual

faggot, n (early 1900s contemptuous term)
1. dry, shriveled old woman
2. homosexual
3. effeminate homosexual
4. effeminate person

faggot princess, n
one who acts as a stereotypical effeminate homosexual person

faggotry, n
male homosexual

faggot’s lunch box, n
athletic supporter

faggoty, n
male homosexual

faggy, n
stereotypical effeminate homosexual

fag-hag, n
non homosexual female who likes consorting with homosexuals
syn. queen bee; fruit fly

Fagin, n
man who teaches boys how to make a profession out of prostitution

fagot, n
alternate spelling of faggot

fag stag, n
heterosexual male who enjoys the company of homosexual males

fai-‘hol, n
alternate spelling of Faye-hole

fairy, n fairies (contemptuous slang)
male homosexual
syn. faggot

fairy-go-round, n
cruising area
syn. fruit loop

fairy hawk, n
1. attractive, young man or boy, use by the police to entrap gay men into performing a sex act in a public
2. attractive, young male used, by the criminal element, to entrap homosexual men into performing an act of sex in order to blackmail them
3. attractive, young male used, by gay bashers, to trap gay men so they can assault them

fairy lady, n
1. lesbian who takes a passive role in sex
2. bisexual
3. one sexually interested in both men and women
syn.AC-DC; ambidextrous; non-gender specific

fairylike, adj
of the nature of, or resembling, a fairy

fall for, v (early 1900s)
become a lover of

fall in love, v
1. begin to love
2. feel a strong, usually passionate, affection

falsies, n
pads worn with a brassiere to make the breasts look fuller

family, n (early 1980s)

family jewels, n

fancy man, n
man supported by a woman (especially by a prostitute)

fanny, n (slang)

fanny bellhop, n
homosexual employed in a hotel (usually as a bellboy)

fanny fart, n

fast, adj
1. having loose morals
2. promiscuous

fastish, adj
rather fast

fastness, n
quality, or state, of being fast

Fat big Bertha, n (camp)
homosexual nickname for any tall, effeminate, heavy-set man
syn. big Bertha; chubby; churchy type; queen Mary

fatherfucker, n
one who prefers a love partner much older than himself or herself
syn. cherry top
rel. intergenerational relationships

faunet, n
1. sexy adolescent, or preadolescent, boy
2. male equivalent of a nymphet

faunlet, n
2. boyish adolescent
3. youthful, preadolescent boy regarded as a sexual object for a homosexual
syn. chicken; faunet

favorer, n
one who, or that which, favors

favoress, n (rare)
woman who favors

favors, n
consent (of a woman) to sexual intimacy

fay, n
1. Caucasian person
2. homosexual

Faye-hole, n
any orifice on the body of a person named Faye

feathers, n
body hair

featherless, n
smooth hairless body

feed, v
have, or desire to have, sex with another

feederism, n
fetish in which pleasure or sexual gratification is taken from the overfeeding or intentional fattening of one’s self or partner

feel, v
fondle another person’s genitals, breasts, thighs, buttocks, etc.

feelie, n (Polari) child

feel up, v
1. grope
2. sexually grope
3. touch or handle the buttocks legs or crotch
4. fondle another person’s clothed genitals
syn. cop a feel; eat with the hands; feel; feel up; fist it; give somebody a grope; grope; honk; read Braille; reef; take somebody’s pulse

feet, n (Biblical euphemism)
male genitals

fegelah, n (Yiddish)
male homosexual

felch, v (British slang) 
1. ejaculate into another’s anus, then lick or suck the semen out
2. suck or lick one’s recently deposited semen from another’s rectum

fellatio, n
1. oral sex (specifically performed on a man)
2. top part of the penis
3. sexual activity involving oral contact with male genitals
syn. artiste; bilingual; bob on the knob; BJ; blow job; blow the whistle; blue jay; brush teeth; brush the teeth; chew; chew it; cocksucking; cop a bird; cop a cock; cop a doodle; cop a hot one; cop a joint; cuff a carrot cocksucker; CS; do; dicklick; down; drop on it; eat; eat it all up; face cream; face pussy; faire; facial; fast food sex; fix somebody up; flute FR; French; French arts; French job; French love; French way; French dressing; gaelick; gam; get a facial; get it off; get punked in the head; get punked in the mouth; give head; give pearls; give us a gam!; glory hole; gobble; gobgobbler; gobjob; go down for whomp; go down on it; grab a hot one; gum; gunch; have some cream sauce; he-blow; head job; hide the sauce; hum a tune; hum a tune on the flute; hide to sauce; inhale the oyster; iron jaws; job; kiss it; kneel at the alter; knob job; knock somebody off; kowtow chow; lay the lip; lick; lip service; lucky Pierre; mamar; maneater; mouth job; perform; Peter eater; picnic up on it; pipe; plate somebody; play a tune; play bugle boy; play musical arrangements; play the flute; play the horn; play the organ; play the skin flute; polish the knob; puff one some tubing; popsicle; pricklick; pricknic; pull some peepee; quickie; raw jaws; root; rough trade; scarf; scarf up on a bod; scorf up on a bod; scort up on a bod; senoreater; service; service station; sit on a face; shore dinner; shot upstairs; sixty-nine; skin flute; skull job; skull pussy; snow job; speak loe genitalese; stool pigeon; stoop for; suck; suck a bondini; sucked dry; sucked off; swallow a sword; swing on it; swing on some flivver; take it in the mouth take somebody on; tearoom queen; tearoom trade; teenie weenie; tongue job; trade; trick; wean; whistle; whomp down on it; woof up on it; woof wring it dry; worship at the altar; wring it dry; yummy down on it; yummy up on it; zipper sex
rel. zombie mask

fellation, n
1. oral stimulation of the penis
2. acceptance another’s penis into one’s mouth

fellator, n
one who fellates

fellatrice, n
woman who fellates
rel. zombie mask

fellatrix, n
alternate spelling of fellatrice

felt up, v
past tense of feel up

fem, n
1. lesbian who takes a passive role in sex
2. effeminate homosexual male

female ejaculation, n
woman’s orgasm, during which, fluid is expelled From her genitals

femalist, n
1. one devoted to the female sex
2. courter of women
3. gallant

femdom, n
woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM play
syn. dominatrix

feme, n
in law, a wife

feme covert, n
in law, a married woman

feminization, n
1. dressing, of a man, in women’s clothing, make-up, etc.
2. take on a female appearance

femme, adj
possessing traditional feminine appearance, attributes and behaviors

femme, n
1. female homosexual playing the female-assigned role in a lesbian couple
2. male homosexual (usually effeminate in appearance, character, and sex role)

fesse, n
syn. ass

fetich, n
alternate spelling of fetish

fetichism, n
alternate spelling of fetishism

fetish, n
1. strong sexual interest in or obsession over some object, body part, or activity
2. any non-traditional sex (especially BDSM)
3. in psychiatry, any nonsexual object, such as a foot or glove, that excites erotic feelings
4. inordinate or pathological fascination a person may have for particular form of sexual stimulation
rel. acrotomophilia; adolescentilism; andromimetophilia; apotemnophilia; asphyxiophilia; autagonistophilia; autassassinophilia; autonepiophilia; biastophilia; catheterophila; chrematistophilia; coprophagia; coprophilia; creptophilia; ephebophilia; feet; formicophilia; gerontophilia; gynemimetophilia; homoerotiphobia; hybristophilia; hyphephilia; hypoxphilia; infantilism; kleptophilia; klismaphilia; latex; mixophilia; morphophilia; mysophilia; narratophilia; necrophilia; nepiophilia; olfactophilia; pictohilia; raptophilia; rotophonophilia; scoptophilia; somnophilia; stigmatophilia; symphorphilia; telephonicophilia; urophilia; zoophilia

fetishism, n
1. in psychiatry, an abnormal condition in which erotic feelings are excited by a nonsexual object
2. receiving sexual pleasure through the sight or the touch of some article belonging to the sexual object, or one special part of the sexual object itself

fetishistic, adj
pertaining to or marked by fetishism

feygelah, n
male homosexual

fifi, n
masturbatory substitute for a vagina

fifth wheel, n
heterosexual in a homosexual group or gathering

fifty-fifty, v
alternate between fellatio and pedication

fille, n
1. spinster
2. prostitute

fille de joie, n

fillip, n
1. anything that stirs up or arouses
2. tonic; stimulus

fillip, vt
stir up; arouse; stimulate

filth, n
1. moral corruption or something causing it
2. anything that sullies, or defiles, the moral character
3. indecency; obscenity

filthily, adv
1. in a filthy manner
2. foully

filthiness, n
quality, or state, of being filthy

filthy, adj
obscene; morally corrupt; lewd

finger, v (abbreviation)

finger-fuck, v
1. sexually stimulate with the fingers, either the vagina or rectum
2. insert a finger into the ass
3. insert one’s digits into the vagina of a woman, or the buttocks of any person for the purpose of sexual stimulation 
4. stimulate a woman sexually with the hand, especially stimulating the clitoris to produce an orgasm

fingerhoot, n
penis, 3-4 inches in length

fire crotch, n
one who has red pubic hair

Fire Island, n
sex technique

fireplay, n
sex maneuver
rel. edgeplay

first time, n
1. occurrence of initial sexual encounter
2. instance when one was no longer a virgin

fish, n
1. women
2. vulva

fish and chips, n (homosexual late 1990s)
wife, and children, of a male lover

fish bashing, n
homosexual males looking for gay bashers to assault

fish dinner, n (slang)
syn. muff dive; beaver lick

Fish Eye From Behind, n
Sex technique

fish for brown trout, v
participate in anal intercourse

fish-hook, n
act of catching a woman’s vagina with a hooked finger

fish-hook, v
sex maneuver

fishing cruise, n
1. search for sex
2. casual sexual approach
3. slow drive though streets, or walk in bars, baths and parties looking for a sex partner
syn. cruise

fish queen, n
male (homosexual or heterosexual) who performs cunnilingus

fishwife, n
wife of a homosexual man

fist, n
anal intercourse technique
syn. ano-manual intercourse; brachio-proctic intercourse; FFA

fist, v
penetrate the anus or vagina with, much of or the entire hand

fist fuck, n
anal intercourse

fist fuck, verb
anal intercourse, in which the hand is inserted into the partner’s anus
syn. ano-manual intercourse; brachio-proctic intercourse; brachiproctic eroticism; FFA; fisting; handballing

fist it, v
1. touch or handle the buttocks legs or crotch
2. fondle another’s erection in a public restroom
syn. cop a feel; eat with the hands; feel; feel up; give somebody a grope; grope; honk; read Braille; reef; take somebody’s pulse

fist off, v

fisting, n
penetration, of the anus or vagina, with much of the hand, or the entire hand

five-fingered Annie, n (late 60s)

five-knuckle chuckle, n (high school slang 90s)

five minute’s worth, n
1. quick act of sex, with little or no tenderness
2. rushed sex
3. quick, and cheap, liaison with a prostitute

flaccid, adj
soft, not aroused (said of a penis)

flag, n
1. gesture or signal with the hands, eyes, or head to a stranger to get start a conversation
2. first step in a pickup

flagellant, adj
engaging in flagellation

flagellant, n
one who whips (especially one who whips himself or has himself whipped as a religious discipline or in an abnormal eroticism)

flagellation, n
1. beating or whipping (especially, as religious discipline or in abnormal eroticism)
2. receiving sexual gratification through being whipped

flagellator, n

flagellatory, adj
having to do with flagellation

flame, n
1. beloved sweetheart (1600s)
2. effeminate homosexual male, who flaunts effeminate traits

flamer, n
homosexual male

flaming, n
1. one who ejaculates too quickly
2. quick orgasm

flaming, v
flaunting, effeminate traits

Flaming Amazon, n
sex maneuver

flaming queen, n
homosexual male who emphasizes his homosexuality

flannel-shirt dyke, n
type of lesbian clone

flash, v
expose oneself (especially in a short, sudden manner)

flash in the pan, n
1. quick sexual act with little or no tenderness
2. rushed act of sex
3. one who ejaculates too quickly
4. quick orgasm
syn. one night stand; quickie

flatbacker, n
1. prostitute
2. anal intercourse technique

flat tire, n
flat buttocks
syn. cracker ass; western patio

flawless, adj (early 70s)

fleabag, n (Midwest & southwest late 60s) (French prose slang)
old whore

flea bagger, n
elderly male homosexual

fleadum, n (Las Vegas late 60s)
elderly male homosexual

fleet bagger, n
elderly male homosexual

flesh factory, n
homosexual Turkish baths
syn. baths; church; den; den of sin; hygiene hall; skin room; the tubs; whorehouse

fleshling, n (obs)
person devoted to carnal things

fleshly, adj
fond of bodily pleasures
syn. carnal; worldly; lascivious

fleshy, adv
in a fleshly manner

fleshmonger, n
1. procurer
2. pimp (obs)

flesh-peddler, n
1. prostitute
2. pimp

fleshpots, n
bodily comforts and pleasures

flick, n (1920s)
hardcore pornographic film

flingdust, n (obs)

flink, n
woman who dates a homosexual to prevent suspicion of his homosexuality, or to help him socially
syn. beard

flink, v (Las Vegas late 60s)
date a woman to prevent suspicion of one being homosexual

flip and dick, v (prison slang)
anally rape another inmate

flip and fuck, v (prison slang)
anally rape another inmate

flip-collar fairy, n
1. clergyman who enjoys having sex with young boys who have never pedicated
2. pedophile clergyman
3. homosexual clergyman

flip-flop, n
1. bisexual
2. homosexual who is active and passive

flip side, n
syn. ass

flirt, adj
1. pert
2. wanton (obs)

flirt-gill, n
1. pert girl
2. wanton (obs)

flit, n (slang)

flitty, n
1. homosexual male
2. effeminate homosexual man

floater, n
male transient who prostitutes himself to homosexuals

flog one’s meat, v

flog the poodle, v

flong one’s dong, v

flood the cave, v
sex maneuver

floosy, n
alternate spelling of floozy

floozie, n floozies
alternate spelling of floozy

floozy, n floozies
1. loose, disreputable woman or girl (slang)
2. unrestrained homosexual
3. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
4. one who needs to have constantly
syn. whore

flophouse, n
1. cheap hotel or lodging house
2. small room (rented by the night) by male prostitutes, to have sex with a clients
syn. bird cage; chinch pad

flophouse foul line, n
crevice between buttock cheeks
syn. crack; crease; valley

floral arrangement, n
daisy chain

flossy, n (very rare)
effeminate homosexual

flow, v
1. be aroused to sexual gratification
2. ejaculate
3. reach, or bring to, climax
4. orgasm

flower, n
1. homosexual who takes the female role in a relationship (1950s)
2. female impersonator
syn. drag queen

fluff boy, n
male fluffer

fluffer, n
1. one who performs oral sex on an actor to arouse him in preparation for a money shot 
2. homosexual man responsible for maintaining adult-film actors’ erections
rel. fluff girl; fluff boy

fluff girl, n
female fluffer

fluff the duff, v
participate in anal intercourse

flurt, adj
alternate spelling of flirt

flute, n (18th century)

fluter, n (rare)

flutterer, n (obs)
effeminate male homosexual

flyer, n
one who needs to use drugs to have homosexual sex

Flying Camel, n
Sex maneuver

Flying Dutchman, n
sex technique

F-me pumps, n (abbreviation)
fuck me pumps

fogeagoge, n (Street kid slang 2000)
fag in oge
syn. faggot

fondle, v
1. touch or caress someone (especially on the genitals or breasts)
2. unwanted touch

fondler, n
one who fondles

fondling, n
1. act of caressing
2. person, or thing, caressed or fondled

fool around, v
1. have a sexual relationship
2. have homosexual sex

foop, n (Australia early 1900s)
1. effeminate male
2. homosexual male

foop, v
participate in homosexuality

fooper, n
homosexual college student

foot buddies, n
groups (usually organizations) of men with a foot fetish

foot job, n
1. rubbing of feet on the penis (usually until ejaculation)
2. hand job (variation)

forbidden fruit, adj
1. infected with venereal disease (applied to a homosexual)
2. boyish
3. under the age of consent
syn. young-looking; youthful

forbidden Fruit, n
1. any boy under the age of consent
2. boyish adolescent 
3. homosexual infected with venereal disease (60s)
syn. chicken; jail bait; jail house pussy

force, vt
rape (a woman)

forcer, n
one who, or that which, forces

foreplay, n
sexual activity as a prelude to intercourse

foreskin, n
1. fold of skin that covers the end (glans) of the penis and is removed in circumcision
2. prepuce
3. covering fold of skin over the penis which is on all males at birth

forlie, vi
commit fornication

fornicate, vi
commit fornication
rel. whore; whoredom

fornication, n (derogatory)
1. voluntary sexual intercourse between an unmarried woman and a man, especially an unmarried man (generally forbidden by law)
2. in the bible, any unlawful sexual intercourse, including adultery
rel. whoredom

fornicator, n
one who commits fornication
rel. whoredom

fornicatress, n
woman who commits fornication
rel. whoredom

forty-one, n (Texas)
male homosexual

forty-four, n

forty-niner, n (40s)
active during anal intercourse

foul, adj
indecent; obscene; profane

foulmouthed, adj
using scurrilous, opprobrious, obscene, or profane language

foulness, n
1. quality of being foul or filthy
2. filthiness; defilement
3. something foul

foundation garment, n
woman’s corset or garment (often with an attached brassiere)

Fountain of You, n
sex manuever

four-letter word, n
any of several short words having to do with sex or excrement (generally regarded as objectionable and unprintable)

fox, n
beautiful, sexually-attractive man

foxy, adj (slang)
1. sexually-attractive (used especially of women)
2. sexually-desirable (40s)

Fr, v (abbreviation)

frame, n
heterosexual male attractive to homosexuals

franion, n (obs)

frank and beans, n
male genitalia

fraternization, n

fraternize, vi
have sexual relations with an enemy

fraternizer, n
one who Fraternizes

freak, adj
sexually adventurous

freak, n
1. homosexual
2. sexually-adventurous person

freak trick, n
prostitute’s client, who demands very exotic or brutal sexual activity

Frederick the Great, n
king of Prussia

freeball, v
not wear underwear
syn. go commando

freeload, v
1. be entertained, fed, or supported
2. receive or take offered services and pleasures without reciprocation

Freeloader, n
one who Freeloads

free love, n
principle, or practice, of sexual relations unrestricted by conventions of marriage, religion, etc.

free lover, n
one who practices free love

French, v
1. fellate
2. cunnilingue

French kiss, n
1. kiss on the lips, in which, partners stick their tongues in each other’s mouths (1920s)
2. passionate kiss
3. open-mouth kiss
syn. deep kiss; mouth wrestling; pass secrets; throw the tongue; tongue wrestling; soul kiss; suck face; swap spit

French kiss, v
perform a French kiss

French letter, n (middle 1800s)

French postcard, n
pornographic photograph

frend, n
alternate spelling of friend

fresca, n (Mexican slang)

fresh, adj
sexually bold

fresh meat, n
1. one new to having sex
2. inexperienced homosexual
3. virgin

frication, n
method of gratification

fricatrice, n (obs)

friend, n

friendless, adj
without Friends

Friendlike, adj
like a friend

friend of Dorothy, n (euphemism)

friendship, n
1. state of being friends
2. mutual attachment; intimacy

friend with benefits, n
individual, who is not a lover, but with whom one has an on-going sexual relationship
syn. fuck buddy: booty call

frig, verb
1. masturbate (late 1600s)
2. have sex (early 1900s)

frigid, adj
1. sexually cold
2. habitually failing to become sexually aroused (said of women)

frigidity, n
quality, or state, of being frigid

frigidly, adv
in a frigid manner

frit, n
male homosexual

froggystyle, n
sex position

froot loop, n
1. rectal opening
2. group of male homosexuals
syn. anus; asshole

frottage, n
1. consensual rubbing against another, for sexual pleasure, without engaging in penetration
2. intercourse with the abdomen
syn. Princeton Rub

frotteur, n
one aroused by rubbing against the genitalia of strangers, of either sex, in the midst of crowds

frotteurism, n
fetish involving rubbing up against an unsuspecting or unwilling person

frotteurist, n
one who engages in frotteurism

Frow, n
1. idle, dirty woman
2. lazy slattern

fruit, n (derogatory)
1. fellator
2. male homosexual

fruit fly, n
heterosexual woman found in the company of homosexuals

fruit juice, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. come; cum

fruit loop, n
cruising area
syn. fairy-go-round

Fruit picker, n
man who thinks of himself as heterosexual, and considered so by others, but who seeks out homosexual sex

fruitstand, n
site where prostitutes are likely to be found

fruity, adj
like a homosexual

fuck, n
1. one regarded as a sex object
2. sex partner
3. anal intercourse
4. penis, or some other object, inserted into the anus for intercourse

fuck, v
1. perform coitus with a male or female (1200s)
2. pedicate
3. irrumate
4. have sex with someone
5. insert a penis into a mouth or anus
syn. dick
rel. finger-fuck; tit-fuck

fuckable, adj
1. open for sexual consideration
2. having no lover, but looking for a lover or relationship

fuck-a-buck, n
prostitute who relies on a high volume of, rather than high-priced, clients

fuck a buck, v
have sex with a mountain-man type person

fuck book, n (60s)
pornographic magazine or book

fuck boy, n
1. prostitute
2. repeatedly-raped victim in prison

fuck buddy, n (1990s)
1. one who is not a lover, but have an on-going sexual relationship with and use for sexual gratification
2. one who is not a lover, but team up with to go cruising for threesomes
3. one who can be summoned for sex
syn. booty call

fuck file, n
pornographic film

fuck-flat, n
apartment, or other place, where sex occurs often

fuck in the ass, v
1. penetrate during anal intercourse
2. pedicate

fuck in the face, v

fuck in the mouth, v

fuck like a bunny, v
1. ejaculate prematurely
2. have vigorous sex
3. have constant sex

fuck me pumps, n
high-heeled women’s shoes causing one to walk in a pronounced, seductive, strutting motion

fuck money, n
1. price of baths
2. money saved to solicit a boy prostitute

fuck movie, n
pornographic film

fuck pole, n

fuck someone’s brains out, v
have rough sex with another for an extended period of time

fuckstick, n

fuck-thing, n

fuck up the ass, v
1. penetrate during anal intercourse
2. pedicate

fudge, n
anal intercourse

fudge packer, n (derogatory)
1. active during anal intercourse (especially a male homosexual)
2. homosexual (Midwest)
3. homosexual man who pedicates another man

funch, v
have wild and erotic sex during one’s lunch break

fundament, n
1. buttocks
2. anus

funnyacting, adj (euphemism)

fur, n
pubic hair

fur ball, n
large mass of pubic hair

futy, v
have sex

ffuzznut, n
male with no pubic hair

F-word, n (1960s)