g, n (abbreviation)

gadar, n
alternate spelling of gaydar

gaga, n
1. early stage of homosexuality
2. inexperienced, immature homosexual
3. first steps of arousal between two homosexuals who enjoy each other’s intimacy

gallon, n
penis longer than seven inches

gamic, adj
in biology, sexual; also capable of being developed only through sexual union

-gamous, n
combining form meaning marrying, uniting sexually

-gamy, n
combining form meaning marriage, sexual union

gander, n
active during anal intercourse

gang-bang, n
1. many men having sex with a single woman
2. several men taking turns penetrating one who is held down
3. mass rape
syn. group sex; orgy

gang bang, v
participating in a gang-bang

gang-splash, n

gang-fuck, n
1. group of heterosexual men who pedicate and/or irrumate a homosexual
2. group of homosexuals having an orgy of pedication and irrumation, etc., wherein a single boy or homosexual male is forced into all forms of sex by two or more males (obs)

Ganymede, n
1. boy kept for sex
2. young man beloved by an older man
3. younger partner in a pederastic relationship
4. any male homosexual (middle age slang)
5. in Greek mythology, Zeus’ lover and cup-bearer

garage, n
1. anus
2. clothing covering a penis

garbage woman, n
1. unrestrained homosexual
2. man’s uncontrollable desire sexual intercourse
3. one who needs to have sex constantly
syn. whore

garota de programas, n (Brazilian)

garter belt, n
belt, usually of elastic or fabric, with garters suspended from it, worn by women

gash, n
1. one who has participated in anal intercourse (prison slang)
2. prison prostitute
3. one repeatedly raped in prison
4. any young or inexperienced boy
5. passive during anal intercourse
6. homosexual regarded only as a sex partner

gash-eater, n

gatee, n
syn. ass

gay, adj
1. homosexual (slang)
2. licentious; wanton

gay, n
1. homosexual (especially, a male homosexual) (slang)
2. young man or boy wearing the costume of a woman in a play (16th century England theatrical)

gay basher, n
person harassing homosexuals and assaulting them

gay-bashing, n
1. harassment of homosexuals, physically or verbally
2. physical or verbal assault of a lesbian or homosexual on account of his or her sexually orientation
syn. bashing; fag bashing; queer bashing
rel. basher

gaybie, n (late 1990s)
young homosexual male, with a cute face, stylish dresser, and warm personality

gay bob, n (1978)
first homosexual doll

gay cat, n
1. homosexual boy
2. catamite

gaychick, n (San Francisco 71)
lesbian, of any age, who acts or looks like a young butch
syn. baby dyke; camper; dinky dyke; semi-diesel

gay chicken, n
homosexual teenager

gay Christian, n
homosexual who believes in Christianity

gaydar, n
intuition detecting homosexuals

gay dirt, n
1. attractive, young man or boy, use by the police to entrap gay men into performing a sex act in a public
2. attractive, young man or boy, used by the criminal element to entrap gay men into performing an act of sex to blackmail them
3. attractive, young man or boy, used by the gay bashers to trap gay men so they can beat them up
4. admitted homosexual who betrays or robs fellow homosexuals

gaydom, n homosexual culture

gay for money, adj gay for pay

gay for pay, adj (90s)
1. heterosexual willing to perform homosexual sex acts with a partner for money
2. young homosexual, who denies being homosexual, however justifies having homosexual sex when money is involved
syn. gold-digger; gay for money; homosexual prostitution

gay girl, n
male prostitute

gay liberation, n
movement that advocates the protection and rights of homosexual persons

gay milk bar, n
club or coffeehouse catering to underage homosexuals

gay note paper, n

gayola, n
blackmail, bribery, and extortion paid by homosexuals and homosexual businesses, to police

gay plague, n
1. HIV

gay right bill, HR 5452, n
US homosexual right’s bill

gay trade, n
homosexual who will only be an active or fellated

gay youthism, n (1970s)
belief that older people are inferior in attractiveness, appearance, intelligence, and sexually
rel. ageism

gay zombie, (late 1990s)
homosexual completely controlled by one’s sexual drive
homosexual always seeking sex

gazette, n
syn. ass

gazooney, n (rare)
young pedicant companion of a pedicator

gazoopy, n (rare)
sexual exhibition

gear, n
1. male genitals
2. condom

geared, adj (criminal slang)
sexually perverted

gee-gee, n
rectal opening
syn. anus

gee gee hole, n
rectal opening
syn. anus

geld, vt
1. castrate
2. emasculate

geldable, adj
capable of being gelded

gelding, n
1. eunuch
2. castrated man (archaic)

gelt, n (obs)

gelt, v
alternative past tense and past participle of geld

gender, n

gender, vi (obs)
copulate; breed

gender, vt (archaic)
beget; engender

gender fuck, n (80s)
male wearing female clothing, and beard, simultaneously
syn. cockettes; radical drag

genderless, adj
without gender

generability, n
capable of being generated

generable, adj
capable of being begotten or generated

generate, vt
beget; procreate; propagate; engender

generation, n
act of begetting; reproduction; procreation

generative, adj
of the production of offspring; procreative

generator, n
one who or that which begets, causes, or produces

genial, adj
1. contributing to propagation or production
2. generative
3. relating to marriage; nuptial (rare)

genialness, n
quality of being genial

genital, adj
pertaining to the act or organs of generation

genital cord, n
in embryology, a cordlike structure in the fetus of the human species and of most mammals, formed by the union of the Wolffian and Müllerian ducts, and producing the genital passages in both male and female

genitalia, n genitals
parts of the human body which are the immediate instruments of generation (especially, the external sex organs)

genitocrural, adj
connected with the thigh and the external genital organs

genitor, n
1. one who engenders
2. father (obs)

genitors, n
genital organs

genitourinary, adj
designating of the genital and urinary organs together

geniture, n (obs)
generation; procreation; birth

gentleman of the back door, n (18th century British slang)
male homosexual

Geritol set, n
elderly male homosexuals

gerontophilia, n
1. fetish involving attraction to a partner is of a different generation from one’s own
2. state of preferring older persons as sexual partners

get a little on the side, v
be sexually unfaithful

get a room, interj
statement made to people showing PDA

get around, v
be promiscuous

get bent, v (derogatory)
be penetrated

get brain, v
receive fellatio

get down, v
1. have sex
2. fellate or perform cunnilingus

get heri, interj
denigration of the acts of another homosexual

get into, v
1. pedicate
2. have sex with a woman

get it off, v
1. have sex
2. orgasm
3. ejaculate
4. masturbate

get it on, v
1. have sex
2. orgasm

get it up, v
achieve an erection

get laid, v
have sex

get lucky, v
have sex

get off, v

get one’s nuts off, v

get one’s rocks off, v

get some, v
have sex

get some mud for the duck, v
participate in anal intercourse

get someone off, v
cause another to orgasm

get the draws, v
have sex

get the panties, v
have sex

get to first base, v
1. be successful in starting sexual activity
2. kiss

get to home plate, v
have sex

get to third base, v
touch and fondle the genitals of another

get one’s tonsils sprayed, v
1. fellate
2. irrumate

get your sea legs, v
have sex

GFE, n (abbreviation)
girlfriend experience

g‚g‚ n (abbreviation)

GHM, n (abbreviation)
gay Hispanic male

ghost, (late 1950s)
homosexual who wanders the halls of a bath

giantess, n
huge, larger-than-life woman who is an object of fetishistic interest

GIB, adj (abbreviation)
good in bed

Gide, Andre, n
French writer

gift, n
venereal disease

gift giver, n
one infected with venereal disease

gift that keeps on giving, n
venereal disease

giglet, n
1. wanton
2. lascivious girl

giglot, n

gigolo, n
1. man who is paid to be a dancing partner, or escort, for women
2. man supported by a prostitute

gillflirt, n (archaic)
wanton girl

ginger, n (British)

ginny woman, n
1. unrestrained homosexual
2. man’s uncontrollable desire by a man for sexual intercourse
3. one who needs to have sex constantly
syn. whore

girl, n
1. sweetheart
2. effeminate male homosexual

girlfriend, n (euphemism)

girlfriend experience, n
session with a prostitute where the prostitute is treated as the client’s girlfriend

girlish, adj
relating to a girl

girlishly, adv
in the manner of a girl

girlishness, n
manners of a girl

girsegum, n (Babylonian)
homosexual prostitution

gism, n
alternate spelling of jism

give a burn, v
give someone a burn (abbreviation)

give brain, v
perform oral sex

giver, n (prison slang)
active during anal intercourse

give head, v
1. perform oral sex
2. fellate
3. perform cunnilingus

give it up, v
have sex

give someone a burn, v (50s)
infect another with venereal disease

give someone a grope, b
1. touch or handle the buttocks legs or crotch
2. fondle another person’s clothed genitals
syn. cop a feel; eat with the hands; feel; feel up; fist it; grope; honk; read Braille; reef; take somebody’s pulse

give the mitten to, v
dismiss (as an unwelcome suitor)

give up the panties, v
have sex

glad eye, n (slang)
inviting or flirtatious glance

glans, n glandes
1. rounded body forming the end of the penis or clitoris
2. glans penis (abbreviation)

glans clitoridis, n
1. end of the clitoris
2. small mass of highly-sensitized erectile tissue capping the body of the clitoris
rel. glans penis

glans penis, n
1. head, or end, of the penis
2. tip of the penis

glass asshole, n (San Francisco 70s)
1. hairless anus
2. anus free of anal warts or hemorrhoids

GLB, n (abbreviation)
gay, lesbian, and bisexual
syn. BLG

gleet, n (British)
gonorrhea discharge

glib, vt (obs)

glitch, n (1990s)
rainbow dick

glittergang, n
glitter kids

glitterkid, n (London 99)
homosexual (age 15-22)

glory hole, n
1. small fist-sized hole cut through a wall, allowing anonymous sex between people on either side
2. opening in a partition between two stalls in a public toilet or men’s room in which a penis is inserted and fellated on the other side; usually, the two parties never see each other face to face

glory hole sex, n
1. quick sexual act with little, or no, tenderness
2. rushed act of sex
syn. one night stand; quickie

glove, n
syn. come-drum; cundum; bag; envelope; love envelope; overcoat; pecker glove; protective raincoat; rubber; rubber goods; safety; topcoat

glut, n
fellator who, exceedingly, enjoys fellating

glutton for punishment, n
fellator who continues fellation after the first orgasm for sheer pleasure and lubrication (especially if the penis stays erect)

gnat meat, n
penis under seven inches in length

go all over town, v
perform a tongue bath, concluding with oral sex

go all the way, v
have sex

goat, n
lecherous man

goatish, adj
wanton; lustful; lecherous

goatishly, adv
1. in a goatish manner
2. lustfully

goatishness, n
quality of being goatish

gobble, v (abbreviation)
gobble the goo

gobble the goo, v

gobette, n (camp mid 60s)
young homosexual in the Navy (age 17 to 22)

gob’s goober, n
young sailor’s penis

gobstopper, n
placing expectorant into the anus of one’s partner after anal intercourse

gob the knob, v

godfather, n
attractive older man, who shows affection for his male lover with gifts

go down, v
perform oral sex

go fish, v
look for a sex partner

going down the dirt road, v
participating in anal intercourse

go juice, n
water-soluble lubricants for sexual penetration

gold-digger, n
young man, or teenager, interested in an elderly or wealthy man for a stable homosexual relationship

golden boy, n (70s)
young man in the prime of his youth

golden girls, n (TheBeeTheBird 2010)

golden position, n (TheBeeTheBird 2010)

golden queen, n
1. one afflicted with urolagnia
2. older male, who shows affection for his male lover with gifts
3. elderly male homosexual, in his golden years
4. one with a sexual preference for old people
5. homosexual Latino, Asian, Chinese, Korean, ro Hispanic male
syn. antique dealer
rel. intergenerational relationships

golden rule, n
absolute code that one does not expose a fellow homosexual to his heterosexual friends, boss, or press

golden screw, n
urine, instead of semen, released into the rectum during anal intercourse

golden shower, n
urination on another during sex play
rel. watersports

golden shower queen, n
male homosexual who likes to be urinated upon while lying down

gold star, n (Midwest Indiana)
person who has had sex only with people of the same sex as him/her

gon-, n

gonad, n
1. in biology, a gland that produces reproductive cells
2. testis or ovary
3. sex gland

gonadal, adj
of a gonad or gonads

gonadectomy, n
excision of a gonad, or sexual gland

gonadotropic, adj
designating or of any substance acting as a stimulant upon the gonads

gonaduct, n
oviduct or seminal duct

gonapophysis, n gonapophyses
in entomology, one of the parts making up the external genitals

gonga, n
rectal opening
syn. anus

gonif, n
active during anal intercourse

gonny, n (slang)
syn. clap; dose; gonorita; head cold; morning drop; rash

gono-, n gon-
combining form meaning reproductive, sexual

gonococcus, n
microorganism that causes gonorrhea

gonoduct, n
alternate spelling of gonaduct

gonorita, n
syn. clap; dose; gonny; head cold; morning drop; rash

gonorrhea, n
1. sexually-transmitted disease
2. venereal disease caused by gonococci

gonorrheal, adj
of, caused by, or pertaining to, gonorrhea

gonorrheal, adj
alternate spelling of gonorrheal

gonsil, n (slang)
young pedicant

gonzo, n
adult video that lacks any plot or pretense and just shows people having sex

goo, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. come; cum

goober, n

goober smoocher, n (trucker slang)
homosexual man

good buddy, n (trucker slang)
homosexual man

good in bed, adj
enjoyable to have sex with

good lay, n
person with whom sex is enjoyable

good-looker, (late 1800s)
one who is handsome and attractive

good-time Charlie, n
man devoted to pleasure and partying

good-time girl, n

goofer, n
male who prostitutes only his penis to homosexuals

go off, v

go on track, v
patrol for and solicit customers in an area

goop-gobbler, n
1. one who fellates
2. fellatrice

goose, n (90s)
1. prostitute who services homosexuals (Cantonese)
2. prosititute (Chinese)
3. anal intercourse

goose, v (40s)
1. pinching another’s buttocks
2. playfully grabbing another’s buttocks
3. playfully grabbing another’s penis
4. playfully poking the finger or fingers into another’s anus

goosed, n
passive during anal intercourse

gooser, n (late 50s)
active during anal intercourse

gorilla salad, n
pubic hair

got down, v
had sex

got to pay the rent, interj
prostitute’s excuse for accepting cash for sexual relations

go under the house, v (rare slang)
perform cunnilingus

go up the old dirt road, v

government-inspected meat, n
soldier to whom a homosexual is attracted

Grafenberg spot, n
area in the upper wall of the vagina

grand bag, n
large scrotum

grandma, n
elderly, male homosexual

grapefruits, n
male genitals
syn. bags; baggage; ball; balls; diamonds; ding-dongs; dusters; eggs; eggs in the basket; grand bag family jewels; gadgets; goatees; gongs; nut; orbs; purse; rocks; sack; scalloped potatoes; stones; testicles; velvet orbs

grass widow, n
discarded mistress

gravy giver, n (19th century)

gray lady, n
elderly, male homosexual

Gray, Thomas, n
English poet

grease, n
lubricant used in sexual intercourse of homosexuals

greased, adj
penetrated during anal intercourse

Greek, adj

Greek, n
1. pedicator
2. anal intercourse

Greek, v
ejaculating into another’s eyes

Greek fashion, n
anal intercourse

Greek passive, n
one who is penetrated during anal intercourse

Greek style, n
anal intercourse

Greek way, n
anal intercourse

green discharge, n
dishonorable discharge from the Navy for homosexuality

green queen, n
homosexual who achieves sexual gratification from having intercourse near the trees and bushes of parks

green thumb, n

gremial, adj (rare)
of, or pertaining to, the lap or bosom

Grimm’s fairy, n
Quarrelsome, elderly, male, homosexual

grind, v (middle 1800s)
rotate one’s pelvis during sex

groceries, n
penis when used for oral intercourse

grooming, n
preparation of a child for molestation

grooming ritual, n
mutual rubbing of lotion as a prelude to sexual advance

grope, n
get (or give) a grope (although when used so the word feel usually takes precedence)

grope, v
fondle, feel, or handle another person’s genitals (usually when clothed)

gross, adj
rough; vulgar; indelicate; obscene

grossification, n
1. act of making gross
2. state of being, or becoming, gross

grossly, adv
in a gross manner

grossness, n
state, or quality, of being gross

ground woman, n
1. unrestrained homosexual
2. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
3. one who needs to have sex constantly
syn. whore

groupie, n
girl fan of rock-and-roll groups or other popular personalities

grower, n
penis that when limp appears small, but when erect lengthens considerably

G-spot, n (abbreviation)
Grafenberg spot

g-string, n
1. loincloth; breechcloth
2. similar cloth (usually decorated with spangles or tassels, worn by striptease dancers)

gubernaculums, n gubernacula
in anatomy, the conical-shaped cord attached above the lower end of the epididymis

Gudrun, n
1. heroine of an old German saga who is rescued by her lover after many years of suffering
2. in Norse legend, the daughter of the Nibelung king
syn. Guthrun

guilt, n
1. conduct that involves guilt
2. wrongdoing; sin; crime

guiltily, adv
in a guilty manner

guiltiness, n
1. state of being guilty
2. guilt

guiltless, adj
1. free from guilt
2. innocent
3. without knowledge or experience
4. ignorant

guiltlessly, adv
1. without guilt
2. innocently

guiltlessness, n
1. innocence
2. freedom from guilt

guilty, adj
1. having guilt
2. having one’s guilt proved
3. showing, or conscious, of guilt
4. of, or involving, guilt or a sense of guilt

gump, n
male homosexual

gunch, v

gunsel, n (rare slang)
young pedicant

gut-reamer, n
active during anal intercourse

gut-stretcher, n
active during anal intercourse

gut-stuffer, n
active during anal intercourse

gutter, n
syn. asshole

gutter limits, n
1. unrestrained homosexual
2. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
3. one who needs to have sex constantly
syn. whore

GWM, n (abbreviation)
gay white male

gymno-, n
combining form meaning naked, bare, stripped

gymnosophist, n
1. person who practices nudism
2. nudist

gymnosophy, n
doctrine of the gymnosophists

gym queen, n
muscular homosexual male, who obviously works out in a gym

gym rat, n
gym queen

gynaecic, adj

gynaecological, adj
alternate spelling of gynecological

gynaecology, n
alternate spelling of gynecology

gynaecomasty, n
alternate spelling of gynecomasty

gynaeolatry, n
alternate spelling of gyneolatry

gynaecotrope, n (1946)

gynandrous, adj
characterized by gynandry

gynandry, n
1. hermaphroditism
2. extreme hermaphroditism

gynecic, adj
1. pertaining to, or characteristic of, the female sex
2. female

gynecologic, adj
of gynecology

gynecological, adj
pertaining to gynecology

gynecologist, n
one skilled in gynecology

gynecology, n
branch of medicine dealing with the study and treatment of women’s diseases

gynecomasty, n
1. abnormal development of the breasts in a male
2. overly-developed breasts in a male

gynecomorphous, adj
having the form, or the characteristics, of a woman or female

gynemimetophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from female impersonators

gyneolatry, n
excessive fondness for, or adoration, of women