had, v (abbreviation)
had sex with

Hadrian, n
Roman emperor

haik, n

hairburner, n
homosexual who works as a beautician or hairdresser

hair fairy, n
homosexual with a hair complex

hairless, n
1. any boy who has not come into puberty and has no pubic hair
2. any boy under the age of consent
3. boyish, adolescent
4. young-looking, youthful with out face or body hair
5. one who shaves his pubic hair
syn. chicken

hair of the feet, n (Bible)
pubic hair

half-and-half, adj
1. bisexual
2. sexually interested in both men and women
3.homosexual who can be passive and active
4. performance of fellatio and anal intercourse
syn. ac-dc; ambidextrous; non-gender specific

half-and-half, n
1. prostitute’s performance of fellatio and sexual intercourse in a single encounter
2. bisexual

halter, n
garment for covering the breast, held up by a cord or loop around the neck, and worn by women and girls to bare the shoulders and back

ham, n
syn. ass

Ham and Cheese Sandwich, n
cunnilingus maneuver

hamartialogy, n
1. part of theology that deals with sin
2. treatise, or discussion, concerning sin

handbag, n
handsome young homosexual man who hangs around drag queens

handballing, n
anal intercourse technique
syn. ano-manual intercourse; brachio-proctic intercourse; brachiproctic eroticism; ffa; fisting; fistfucking

hand-gig, n
male who masturbates his sex partner or engages in mutual masturbation

hand gig, v
1. receive a hand job
2. masturbate another

hand job, n
1. masturbation performed by one on another
2. masturbation of a male

handkerchief code, n
way for homosexual men to recognize each other on the streets, in bars, clubs, movies, and parks

hand-me-down, n
1. ex-lover
2. one used, sexually, by one person and then passed to another

hang-down, n

hanky codes, n (70s abbreviation)
handkerchief code

hanky-panky, n (1900s)
sexual misbehavior

happy trail, n
line of hair leading from the pubes to the belly button

haram, n
alternate spelling of harem

hard, adj

hard chancre, n
venereal ulcer

hardcore, adj

hardcore, n
1. sexual pictures, movies, etc. that show genitals and often include penetration
2. intense, or dangerous, sexual activity
ant. softcore

harden, vt
make or become hard

hardening, adj
1. making or becoming hard
2. substance used to harden something

hardness, n
state, or quality, of being hard

hard-on, n
1. erection
2. state of penis erectus

hard up, adj
1. horny
2. needing sexual gratification
3. sexually frustrated

hard way, n (prison slang)
inmate open for sexual consideration through rape

harem, n
women (especially wives and concubines, constituting the household of a Moslem)

harlot, n
1. woman who prostitutes her body for hire
2. prostitute

harlot, adj
wanton; lewd; low; base

harlot, vt
practice lewdness

harlotry, n harlotries
1. trade or practice of prostitution
2. habitual or customary lewdness
3. ribaldry; obscenity (obs)
4. woman of ill fame (archaic)

harpoon a whale, v
inserting one’s penis into the mouth, or anus, of an overweight man

haul someone’s ashes, v
penetrate during anal intercourse

haunch, n
1. part of the body including the hip, buttock, and thickest part of the thigh
2. hindquarter

have, v (abbreviation)
have sexual relations with

have a bit of ring, v (prison slang)

haveable, adj
1. one who is open for sexual consideration
2. one who has no lover, but could be looking for a lover or relationship

have a party, v
have sex

have it bad, adj
have the hots

have it for someone, adj
have the hots

have one’s tonsils sprayed, v
fellate or irrumate

have the hots, adj
1. powerfully infatuated
2. be very much in love

have the hots, v
desire sexually

having one off the wrist, v

Hawaiian eye, n (late 60s)
rectal opening
syn. anus

haw, n
1. one who prefers a love partner much younger than one’s self
2. one who attracts, and procures, young men and boys

Hay, Harry, n
1. one of the founding members of the Mattachine Society
2. one of the founding members of the Radical Faeries
3. “father of the gay rights movement”
4. founder of R. F. D.

head, n
1. fellatio
2. oral sex
3. top part of the penis

headbanger, n (TheBeeTheBird 2010)

head-cheese, n

head cold, n
syn. clap; dose; gonny; gonorita; morning drop; rash head job, n

head-worker, n (obs)

heart on, n
amyl nitrite

heat, n
1. sexual excitements
2. period of sexual excitement in animals
3. rut or estrus

heck bite, n

hebephile, n
adult who is attracted to adolescents younger than 18 years old

hebephilia, n
fetish involving men being aroused by teenage boys

hell around, v (late 1800s)
1. frequent bars
2. chase sex partners
3. lead a life of low pleasures

helmet, n
head of the penis

hentai, n
Japanese animation (anime) depicting graphic sexual scenes

hermaphrodeity, n

hermaphrodism, n
1. quality or condition of a hermaphrodite
2. hermaphroditism

hermaphrodite, adj

hermaphrodite, n
1. bisexual being
2. being in which the characteristics of both sexes are either really or apparently combined
3. one with both male and female sexual organs
4. in biology, an animal having the parts of generation of both male and female

hermaphroditic, adj
of, or having, the nature of a hermaphrodite

hermaphroditical, adj

hermaphroditically, adv
after the manner of a hermaphrodite

hermaphroditism, n
1. state, or quality, of being a hermaphrodite
2. partial, or complete, development of male and female sexual organs in one individual

hernandies, n (late 60s)
syn. ass

Hershey highway, n
1. coming into contact with feces while penetrating another, anally
2. anal intercourse

he-she, n
1. transsexual before sex reassignment surgery, with a penis and female breasts
2. aggressive lesbian
3. effeminate boy or man
4. stereotypical effeminate homosexual
syn. Christine Jorgensen; Copenhagen capon; Danish pastry; sex-change; transsexual; transsectional; TS; turnabout

het, n (abbreviation)

hetaera, n hetaira, hetaerae, hetairai
in ancient Greece, a courtesan or concubine (usually and educated slave)

hetaerism, n hetairism
1. concubinage
2. system of communal marriage supposed to have been practiced in certain primitive tribes

hetaerist, n hetairist
one who practices hetaerism

hetaeristic, adj 
pertaining to hetaerism

hetairistic, adj

hetero, adj (abbreviation)

hetero, n (abbreviation)

heteroclite, n
deviate of any type

heterosexism, n
assumption that being heterosexual is the only “normal” and “correct” type of lifestyle, and superior to alternative lifestyles

heterosexual, adj
of, or characterized by, sexual desire for those of the opposite sex: opposed to homosexual

heterosexual, n
1. one who has sex with members of the opposite sex
2. one sexually-attracted to members of the opposite sex
ant. homosexual

heterosexuality, n
1. sexual desire for those of the opposite sex
2. sexual relations between individuals of opposite sexes

hickey, n
bruise resulting from sucking (evidence of intimate contact)
rel. hecklace

hidden magic, n (late 60s)
penis which becomes, dramatically, longer in length when erect
syn. accordion

hidden queen, n (rare)
male homosexual who attempts to conceal his homosexuality

hideaway, n
small remote place where one can take a sex partner

hide the purple parsnip, v
have sex

hieroglyphics, n
abbreviations used in classified ads

High Dive, n
sex maneuver

high-diver, n

hill-lock, n
syn. ass

Hindenburg, n
fellatio technique

hind end, n

hip-hitter, (prison slang late 60s)
active during anal intercourse

hippy queen, n
homosexual who adopts the characteristic style of 1960’s look with long hair, worn jeans, etc.

hips, n
syn. ass

his majesty in purple cap, n (19th century)

hit, v
have sexual intercourse with

hit on someone, v
make sexual advances toward
syn. make a pass at someone

hit someone in the seat, v
have anal intercourse

HIV, n (abbreviation)
human immunodeficiency virus

HIV-, adj (abbreviation)

HIV-neg, adj (abbreviation)

HIV-negative, adj
having tested negative in the laboratory test for infection with the HIV virus

HIV-negative shame, n (1990s)
1. response to not having HIV-positive status, when speaking with someone who is positive
2. feeling bad that one does not have HIV
3. not being able to effectively deal with someone socially that is HIV-positive, and feeling shame about it

HIV+, adj (abbreviation)
HIV positive

HIV-pos, adj (abbreviation)
HIV positive

HIV-positive, adj
tested positive, in the laboratory test, for infection with HIV

ho, n (slang)

ho, v (slang)

ho-ho, n
one aged over 25

hog, v
have sex with an overweight person

hokey-pokey, n
sexual intercourse

hoky-poky, n
alternate spelling of hokey-pokey

hole, n
1. person regarded only as a sex object
2. anus

hole in one, v
1. penetrate the anus with the penis on the first try without the help of one’s hands
2. be successful in finding someone to have sex with on first try
3. have sex

Hole in One, n
sex technique

Hollywood uterus, n (Los Angeles late 60s)
rectal opening
syn. anus

holour, n (obs)
fornicator; whoremonger

homance, n
idyllic love story of two promiscuous persons fall in love

homance, v
act of one licentious man wooing another sexually-loose guy

home base, n

home boy, n
male homosexual’s friend or lover

homerun, n

homie, n (Polari)
homosexual lover

homo, adj (abbreviation)

homo, n (abbreviation)

homoerotic, adj
of, or characterized by, homoerotism

homoerotic, n
anything that arouses homosexual desire

homoerotiphobia, n
fear of men touching each other (except in sport)

homoerotism, n
sexual desire for a person of the same sex

homofil, n
alternate spelling of homophile

homogenitalism, n
antique medical term for homosexuality

homocide, n (police slang)
murder of a homosexual

homintern, n

homophile, n
syn. homofil

homophilia, n
antique medical term for homosexuality

homophobia, n (1970s)
irrational fear or hatred homosexuals and of homosexuality

homosexual, adj
of or pertaining to homosexuals or homosexuality; characterized by sexual inclination toward those of the same sex

homosexual, n
1. person who has sex, exclusively, with members of the same sex
2. person sexually-attracted to members of his/her sex
syn. Amy-John; angle; aspro; aunt, auntie, bait; belle; belly queen; belly-whopper, bender, big dick queen; bird; blueberry pie; bo; bone queen; boong moll; boretto man; boy; boy-lover, b.q; brown-hatter; browning queen; bugger; buggerantoes; bummer; bunger, bunny; bunter; butch; camp; camp bitch; camp follower; candymaker; capon; catamite; charley; chicken; chuff; chut; closet queen; cockeater; cocksucker; crushed fruit; daffodil; daisy; dancy; deviate; dinge queen; doul; drag; drag queen; dreamboat; fag, faggot; fairy; fairy lady; female impersonator; fish queen; flaming bitch; fluff, flute; flute player; fly ball; freak; fruit; fruitcake; gay; gazooney; golden shower queen; grandma; Greek, gunsel; hand queen; homo; homophile; invert; jaisy; Jeanie boy; jocker; kinky; lavender boy; lily; lily white; ma; main queen; Mary; milksop; miss; moll; molly; mouser; Nance; Nelly; nine-dollar bill; nola; one; Oscar; pansy; pee willy; peg boy; Percy; perv; pervert; petal; pinky; pood; poof; pretty boy; princess; prissy; punk; quail; queen; queer; quince, Ralph, reaming queen, screaming bitch; she; sis; sissy; sister; sixty-nine queen; skoptsy; slut; spooney; swish; three-dollar bill; toilet queen; urning; wideman; willy; zanie; zoo queen
ant. heterosexual

homosexuality, n
1. sexual desire for those of the same sex
2. sexual relations between individuals of the same sex
3. generic term for sexual attraction to one’s own, rather than the opposite, sex
ant. heterosexuality
rel. victimless crime

homotrash, n
abusive, obnoxious, slutty, LGBT person

honest, adj (archaic)
virtuous; chaste

honestetee, n

honestete, n (obs)

honesty, n
1. in an honest manner
2. with honesty

honey-fuck, v
1. have sex with a very young boy
2. have sex with someone one loves

honey roll, n
hot cross bun

honey rolls, n
1. buttocks
2. hot cross buns
syn. ass

honk, n
sexual advance

honk, v
1. touch, or handle, the buttocks legs or crotch
2. fondle another’s clothed genitals
syn. cop a feel; eat with the hands; feel; feel up; fist it; give somebody a grope; grope; read Braille; reef; take somebody’s pulse

honker, n
1. penis more than seven inches long
2. prostitute (middle 1800s)
3. male or female streetwalker

honorary ho-ho, n
one aged 21-25

hook, v (slang)

hooker, n
1. one who, or that which, hooks
2. prostitute

hook up, n
have sexual intercourse

hoop, n (rare slang)

hope chest fund, n
1. v price of the baths
2. money saved to buy a boy prostitute

horatian, n (1890)

horn, n

horndog, adj
sexually aroused

horndog, n
1. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse (80s)
2. one who needs to have sex constantly
syn. nympho; nymphomaniac; thirty-day boy; satyriasis; satyromania; whore; whorella; wild thing.

horniness, n
1. lust and lustfulness
2. sexual craving

horn-mad, adj (archaic)
mad with jealousy because of a cuckolding

horny, adj
sexually aroused

horny-porny, n

horsemeat, n
penis longer than seven inches

horsewoman, n
aggressive, masculine lesbian

hose, v

hosing, n
1. pedication
2. copulation between a man and a woman

hot, adj
1. hot as a firecracker (abbreviation)
2. man regarded as being a good sex partner
3. sexually desireable
4. pornographic

hot as a firecracker, adj
1. passionate
2. in heat; lusty
3. observing sex in everything

hotcha, adj (1920s)
sexually attractive

hot cross bun, n
1. priest, or clergyman, who prefers being passive during anal intercourse
2. boyish, adolescent juvenile
3. young-looking, youthful boy

hot cross buns, n
small, but rounded, buttocks of a teenager

hot dog, n
1. penis
2. observance of sex in everything
3. male prostitute
4. horny teenager
syn. street hustler

hotdog in a hallway, n
during vaginal penetration, a penis not making contact with the walls of the vagina

hothouse, n
rel. brothel

Hot Karl, n
sex technique

Hot Karl Candy Cane, n
Hot Karl variation

hot lead, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. come; sum; semen

hot lunch, n
sex technique involving defecating a tube of feces into another’s mouth
rel. vegetarian hot lunch

hotly, adv

hot milk, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. come; cum; semen

hot pants, n
1. very passionate, lustful, and promiscuous person
2. strong sexual desire

hot pockeroo, n
syn. ass

hot rocks, n
1. male sexual craving
2. horniness
3. powerful lust

hots, n
1. love
2. lust

hot to trot, adj
1. craving sex
2. horny

hound dog, n
1. man who thinks of little but sex
2. very passionate, lustful, and promiscuous person

houri, n
1. nymph of the Moslem paradise
2. seductively beautiful woman

house, n
1. brothel
2. apartment or house lavishly decorated for the clientele of a male prostitute
3. family unit of LGBTQ people (United States homosexual slang)

house of ill fame, n
house of prostitution

house of ill repute, n
1. house of prostitution
2. house of pleasure
3. boy brothel

house of pleasure, n
1. boy brothel
2. house of prostitution

Housman, A. E., n
English poet

howker, n

howry, adj
dirty; nasty

hoyay, n
1. approving interjection used when encountering accidental or actual homoeroticism in television or movies
2. homoeroticism

HR 5452, n
Homosexual rights bill

Hudson, Rock, n
actor who died of AIDS

human immunodeficiency virus, n

hummer, n (80s)
fellatio (especially when accompanied with humming by the fellator)

hump, n
1. one who rubs his/her partner’s penis (approximating the sex act, without penetration)
2. sex maneuver involving the penis being placed between the thighs of one’s partners
syn. dry fuck; dry hump; dry rub; dry run; leg fuck; coitus inter femora; college; college style

hump, v
1. have sexual intercourse
2. rubbing of two individuals clothed genitals against each other without penetration

humper and a pumper, n (San Francisco 70s)
active during anal intercourse

humpy, adj
1. sexually arousing
2. sexy

humpy, n (late 60s and early 70s)
tall and handsome man

hung, adj
1. having a large penis
2. well hung (abbreviation)
3. hung like a horse (abbreviation)

hung like a horse, adj
possessing a large penis

hunk, n (San Francisco late 60s and early 70s)
1. very attractive, muscular, and sexually-appealing man
2. man considered, primarily, as a sex partner

hunky, n (early 70s)

hunter gatherer, n
sex technique involving both parties defecating while perform a 69

husband, n
aggressive (or more masculine) member of a male or female homosexual relationship

hussy, n hussies
1. woman (especially one of low morals or behavior) (contemptuous or playful term)
2. homosexual man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
3. one who needs to have sex constantly
syn. whore

hustle, v (early 19th century)
have sex

hustler, n
heterosexual male prostitute servicing homosexuals

hustlers’ row, n
location where male prostitutes gather to meet their clients

hybristophilia, n
fetish involving arousal from having sex with a convicted criminal

hydrocele, n
collection of watery fluid in a cavity of the body (especially in the scrotum or along the spermatic cord)

hygiene hall, n (early 70s)
homosexual Turkish baths
syn. baths; church; den; den of sin; flesh factory; hygiene hall; skin room; the tubs; whorehouse

hyke, n

hymen, n
1. fold of tissue that partly covers the entrance of the vagina in some women
2. marriage or the state of marriage
3. in anatomy, the thin mucous membrane that usually covers part of the opening of the vagina in a virgin

Hymen, n
in ancient mythology, the god of marriage

hymie, n (late 30s)
1. hymen (French)
2. rectal opening
syn. anus

hyphephilia, n
fetish involving touching or rubbing a human, or non human, object to achieve sexual arousal

hypopituitarism, n
deficient activity of the pituitary gland

hypospadia, n
common congenital birth defect of the penis

hypospadias, n

hypoxphilia, n

hysterical paroxysm, n