IBM, n (Las Vegas 60s abbreviation)
itty bitty meat

ice-cream cone, n
penis longer than seven inches

ice-cream sundae, n (San Francisco late 60s)
homosexual French sailor

icing expert, n (1930s obs)

imbrace, vt
alternate spelling of embrace

immaculate, adj
1. pure; innocent
2. without sin

immaculate conception, n
doctrine of the Roman catholic church

immaculately, adv
1. in an immaculate manner
2. with spotless purity

immaculateness, n
1. quality, or state, of being immaculate
2. spotless purity

immodest, adj
1. lacking in the reserve or restraint which decency requires
2. not modest (specifically, indecent)
3. unchaste; lewd; bold; forward; impudent

immodestly, adv
in an immodest manner

immodesty, n
1. lack of modesty
2. indecency
3. lack of delicacy or decent reserve

immoral, adj
1. not in conformity with accepted principles of right and wrong behavior
2. contrary to the moral code of the community
3. wicked (especially, not in conformity with the accepted standards of proper sexual behavior)
4. unchaste; lewd; licentious; obscene
syn. wrong
rel. wanton

immorality, n immoralities
1. state, or quality, of being immoral
2. immoral behavior
3. an immoral act or practice, vice
rel. wanton

immorally, adv
1. in an immoral manner
2. in violation of morality
rel. wanton

immortification, n (obs)
lack of mortification or subjection of the passions

impotence, n
inability to get or sustain an erection
syn. erectile dysfunction

impotence, n
1. quality or condition of being impotent (specifically, lack of physical strength)
2. weakness
3. lack of effectiveness
4. helplessness
5. lack of ability to engage in sexual intercourse (said of males)

impotency, n
same as impotence

impotent, adj
1. lacking physical strength
2. unable to engage in sexual intercourse (said of males)
3. afflicted with impotence

impotent, n
one who is impotent

impuberal, adj
1. below the age of puberty
2. not mature (rare)

impuberty, n
state of having not reached puberty

impuration, n
1. act of rendering impure
2. impurity

impure, adj
unchaste; lewd; unclean; obscene

impure, vt
1. make foul
2. defile (obs)

impurely, adv
in an impure manner

impureness, n
state of being impure

impurity, n impurities
1. state, or quality, of being impure
2. impure thing or element

in, adj
1. denying being homosexual
2. in the closet (abbreviation)

inabstinence, n
1. lack of abstinence
2. partaking
3. indulgence of appetite (rare)

inamorata, n
1. woman beloved
2. sweetheart or mistress

inamoroto, n
1. man loved
2. woman’s lover

in-and-out, n (17th century British)
heterosexual sex
syn. regular trick; straight lay; western lay

in circulation, adj
1. open for sexual consideration
2. without a lover and, possibly, looking for a lover or relationship

incommunicability, n
quality of not being communicable

incommunicable, adj
that cannot be communicated

incommunicableness, n

incommunicably, adv
in an incommunicable manner

incest, n
1. sexual relations between two homosexuals of the same tastes and desires
2. sexual relations occurring between blood relatives
3. sexual intercourse between person too closely related to marry legally
4. in ecclesiastical usage, spiritual incest
syn. ki-ki

incestuous, adj
1. guilty of incest
2. of or having the nature of incest

incestuously, adv
in an incestuous manner

incestuousness, n
state or quality of being incestuous

inchastity, n (obs)

incontinence, n
1. lack of restraint of the passions or appetites
2. free or uncontrolled indulgence of the passions or appetites (especially, lack of restraint of the sexual appetite)
syn. lewdness

incontinency, n

incontinent, adj
1. not restraining the passions or appetites (particularly the sexual appetite)
2. indulging lust without restraint
syn. unchaste; lewd

incontinent, n
one who is unchaste

incontinently, adv
1. in an incontinent manner
2. without due restraint of the passions or appetites
3. unchastely

indecence, n (obs)

indecency, n indecencies
1. state or quality of being indecent
2. lacking in modesty
3. obscenity in speech or in manner
4. that which is not decent
5. indecent act or statement, etc.

indecent, adj
1. not decent (specifically, not proper and fitting)
2. unseemly; improper; morally offensive; immodest; obscene

indecently, adv
in an indecent manner

indepravate, adj (obs)

Indian Cock Burn, n
fellatio technique

indign, adj (obs)
1. undeserving; unworthy
2. disgraceful

infantilism, n
1. sexual arousal achieved vy dressing as an infant and acting the role of a child under two years old
2. abnormal state in which infantile, or childish, characteristics persist into adult life
syn. autonepiophilia

infidelity, n infidelities
1. lack of faith, trust, or loyalty
2. unfaithfulness (particularly in married persons)
3. violation of the marriage covenant by adultery
4. unfaithful or disloyal act
5. deceit
rel. wittol; wittolly

Infinity, n
secret organization

ingender, vi (obs)

ingender, vt (obs)

ingenerability, n (obs)
incapacity of being engendered

ingenerably, adv
not in a generable manner

ingénue, n
1. innocent, inexperienced, unworldly young woman
2. in the theater, the role of such a character
3. actress playing such a role

inguen, n

inguin-, n

inguinal, adj
of or near the groin

inguinal ring, n
oblong tendinous ring in each groin
syn. abdominal ring

inguino-, n 
combining form meaning inguinal

inhaler, n
container for amyl nitrite

in heat, adj
in season

in love, adj
enamored with, or loving, another

inner-sanctum, n
rectal opening

innocence, n
1. state, or quality, of being innocent (specifically, freedom from sin, evil, or guilt)
2. innocent person

innocency, n innocencies
1. quality, or condition, of being innocent
2. innocence
3. instance or act of innocence

innocent, adj
1. free from sin, evil, or guilt (specifically, doing or thinking morally wrong; pure)
2. not guilty of a specific crime or offense; guiltless
3. free from evil or harmful effect or cause
4. that which cannot harm, injure, or corrupt

innocent, n
1. one free from guilt or sin
2. innocent person

innocently, adv
1. in an innocent manner
2. harmlessly

innoxious, adj
1. free from noxious qualities
2. innocent; harmless
3. free from crime
4. pure; innocent (obs)

innoxiously, adv
in an innoxious manner

innoxiousness, n

in season, adj
ready to mate or breed (said of animals)
syn. in heat

inseminate, vt
sow seeds in (especially, to impregnate by sexual intercourse or by artificially injecting semen)

insemination, n
1. inseminating
2. being inseminated

inspector of manholes, n
active during anal intercourse

intact, adj
1. still having a hymen
2. virgin

intemerate, adj

intemerated, adj
pure; undefiled; unpolluted

intemerateness, n
state of being unpolluted

intercourse, n
1. sexual intercourse (abbreviation
2. sexual joining of two individuals; coitus; copulation (usually sexual intercourse)

intergenerational, n
1. sex between partners with 20+ years age difference
2. technical term for a sexual preference in favor of old people
rel. adultophile; antique dealer; boyfag: cherry top; fatherfucker; manlover; playboy

intergenerational relationship, n
union, where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself or herself, and the other person prefers a love partner much younger
rel. gerontophilia; intergenerational

interpubic, adj
in anatomy, situated between the pubic bones

intersexualism, n
antique medical term for homosexuality

intrafemoris, v
frottage technique

in the buff, adj
syn. in the raw

in the closet, adj
homosexual, but not openly

in the life, adj
living in, and practicing, homosexual subculture or prostitution

in the mood, adj

in the raw, adj
naked; nude

in the saddle, v
1. having sex
2. participating in anal intercourse

intimacy, n intimacies
1. state or fact of being intimate
2. intimate association
3. familiarity
4. intimate act (especially, illicit sexual intercourse) (euphemism)

intimate, adj (euphemism)
having sexual relations

intimate, n
closely-acquainted friend or companion

intimately, adv
in an intimate manner

inversion, n
in psychiatry, homosexuality

inversive, adj
showing, or causing, inversion

invert, n (scientific or pseudo-scientific 1800s-1940s)

invert, vt
subject to inversion

iron-closet, n
homosexual who denies his homosexuality to anyone, including himself

irregulous, adj
licentious; lawless; irregular

irrumate, v
force one’s penis into another’s mouth

irrumation, n
forcing of one’s penis into the mouth of another person

ispatio, n
syn. onanism

ithyphallic, adj
1. of the phallus
2. carried in the rites of bacchius
3. lewd; obscene; lascivious
4. in the meter of a bacchic hymn

ithyphallic, n
ithyphallic poem, written in lines of three trochees

itty bitty meat, n
1. below average-sized penis
2. penis under six inches long