la, adj

labia, n
plural of labium

labial, adj
pertaining to the labia, or lips

labia majora, n
outer folds of skin on either side of the vulva

labia minora, n
folds of mucous membrane within the labia majora

labium, n
lip or liplike organ (especially, the outer folds of skin or the inner folds of mucous membrane of the vulva)

labrose, adj
having thick lips

labonza, n
syn. ass

lace curtains, n
penile foreskin

lace mutton, n
1. loose woman
2. prostitute

lacy, n
effeminate homosexual

lad, n (abbreviation)

laddie, n
a male lover or sweetheart

lady, n
1. woman loved by a man
2. sweetheart
3. wife
4. spouse

Lady, n
Virgin Mary

lady-lover, n

lady of the evening, n

lady of the night, n

laka, n (rare)

lals, n (Polari)

lamb, n (prison slang)
youthful, newly-arrived, inmate who is considered a likely victim for a wolf

Lambda Legal, n
national organization

landshark, n
anal intercourse technique

lapling, n
one who indulges in ease and sensual delights

lascivious, adj
1. characterized by or expressing lust or lewdness
2. wanton
3. tending to excite lustful desires

lasciviously, adv
wantonly; lewdly

lasciviousness, n
1. wantonness; lustfulness
2. tendency to excite lust

laundry, n (sarcastic)
bulge of the crotch

lavender, adj

lavender, n
color symbolizing homosexuality

lavender boy, n (obs) (70s)

lavender lad, n (obs) (70s)

lavender marriage, n
1. marriage of convenience
2. marriage between a homosexual male and a, homosexual or heterosexual, female

Lawrence, T. E., n
English adventurer, soldier, and writer

lay, vt (slang)
have sexual intercourse with

lay down the law, n (TheBeeTheBird 2010)

lay of the land, n
1. unrestrained homosexual
2. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
3. one who desires to have sex constantly
syn. whore

lay pipe, v

lay the leg, v (slang)
anal intercourse between a boy and a man

lay the lip, v (slang)

lay tube, v

Leander, n
in Greek legend, the lover of Hero

leaping house, n (obs)

leather, n
1. masculine homosexual behavior or costume
2. tissue immediately surrounding the anus

leather cheerio, n

leather stretcher, n (18th century)

lech, n (early 1900s)
1. strong desire for sex
2. lust

lecher, n
1. one who seeks sex all the time without regard to love or caring
2. man given to lewdness or to excessive sexual indulgence
syn. alley cat; amoroso; animal; ass hound; basher; bed-presser; belly bumper; bird’s nester; bluebeard; bum-fiddler; Casanova; chimney sweep; chippy chaser; cock hound; cocksman; cocksmith; don Juan; eager beaver; feather-bed soldier; fleece hunter; flesh fly; flesh monger; flower fancier; fox hunter; fuckster; gamestock; gash hound; goat; grouser; gully raker; hair monger; headhunter; horseman; king of clubs; ladies’ tailor; lech; libertine; lothario; lover; make-out artist; meat hound; moll hunter; Mr. Horner; muttoner; parish bull; pelter; pig; pinch-bottom; prigger; quail hunter; ranger; rider; rooster; rounder; rutter; sexpert; sexual athlete; sharpshooter; skin dog; smell-smock; son of Venus; sportsman; stallion; stoat; stud; swinger; swordsman; tad; tit kisser; tomcat; town bull; town rake; tug-mutton; tummy tickler; whisker splitter; whore hopper; whore hound; whoremonger; woodman

lecher, vi (obs)
practice lewdness

lecherer, n
one given to lechery

lecherous, adj
1. addicted to lewdness
2. unrestrained in sexual indulgence
3. lustful; lewd
4. provoking lust

lecherously, adv
lustfully; lewdly

lecherousness, n
state, or quality, of being lecherous

lechery, n
1. lewdness
2. unrestrained, excessive indulgence of sexual desires
3. gross sensuality

Lee, v (Asia, mid 70s)
sex technique

leer, n
sly, sidelong look showing lustfulness

leer, vi
look with a leer

leer, vt
1. allure
2. entice with a leer

leeringly, adv
with a leer

left-handed, adj

legal chicken, n (late1990s)
1. young, legal-aged, male (eighteen to twenty-four)
2. young person
3. attractive young male
syn. chicken

legwork, n (slang)
coitus occurring between a man and a boy

leinburger, n
sexually-attractive, clean-cut, muscilar Caucasian male who is passive during anal intercourse

leman, n (archaic)
sweetheart or lover (man or woman) (especially, a mistress)

lenocinant, adj (obs)
inciting to lewdness

lesbian, adj
1. having sexual desire for those of the same sex (only of women)
2. homosexual (only of women)
3. erotic (rare)

Lesbian, adj
of ancient Lesbos

lesbian, n
homosexual woman

Lesbian, n
Native, or inhabitant, of Lesbos

lesbian bed death, n
decline of sexual relations between a committed lesbian couple

lesbianism, n
1. love, and sexual activity, between females
2. sexual practices of lesbians
3. homosexuality between women

lesbian love, n

lesbian separatism, n
1. remaining separate, socially, from all non-lesbians
2. seeking to live, and work, in an all-woman environment excluding all men
3. unwilling to work with homosexual men

lesbian until release date, n
imprisoned female practicing homosexuality until paroled
syn. LURD

lesbo, n (rare slang)

lesbophobia, n
irrational fear, or hatred, of lesbians

letch, (early 1900s)
1. strong desire for sex
2. lust

let down one’s hair, v
let one’s hair down

let one’s hair down, v
1. admit one’s homosexuality
2. expose another’s sexuality

leucorrhea, n
1. whites
2. whitish mucous discharge from the vagina and uterus

leucorrhoea, n
alternate spelling of leucorrhea

Levitra, n
erectile-dysfunction drug
rel. Viagra

lewd, adj
1. lustful; libidinous; licentious; indecent; unchaste
2. exhibiting, or proceeding from, lust
3. vile; wicked; base; vicious (obs)
4. ignorant; unlearned
syn. wanton
rel. whorish

lewdly, adv
in a lewd manner
rel. whorish

lewdness, n
state, or quality, of being lewd
rel. whorish

lewdster, n
one who is lewd (obs)

Lewinsky, n

LGBTQ, adj
1. having a sexual orientation other than heterosexual
2. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual/transgendered/two-spirited, queer/questioning (abbreviation)

lezzy, n (rare)

liaison, n
illicit love affair

lib, vt

libertinage, n
libertinism; license

libertine, adj
1. licentious; dissolute
2. morally unrestrained

libertine, n
1. one who indulges his desires without restraint
2. debauchee

Libertine, n
member of a pantheistic sect of the 16th century in Holland

libertinism, n
1. behavior of a libertine
2. licentiousness

libidinal, adj
of the libido

libidinist, n
lecher (obs)

libidinize, vt
regard, or treat, as an area or source of sexual gratification

libidinous, adj
lustful; lewd; lascivious
syn. wanton

libidinously, adv

libidinousness, n
state, or quality, of being lustful
syn. whoremasterly

libido, n
1. sexual appetite, urge, or instinct
2. in psychoanalysis, psychic energy that is the driving force behind all human action

licentious, adj
1. morally unrestrained
2. wanton; lascivious

licentiously, adv
in a licentious way

licentiousness, n
licentious state or quality

lickerish, adj

lickerous, adj
lecherous; sensual; lewd; lustful
syn. lickerish

lickerousness, n
1. keen desire
2. sensuality (obs)

lickety-split, v
1. perform analingus (usually as a prelude anal intercourse)
2. lubricate, the anus, with saliva
3. widen the opening of the anus with the tongue
syn. rim

lick rug, v
perform cunnilingus

life preserver, n (80s)

light-fingered, adj
talented at masturbating others

light in the loafers, adj
male homosexual

lightly, adv
wantonly; shamelessly

light-o-love, n
loose, wanton, or light woman

lily, n
1. male homosexual (rare) (derogatory)
2. timid fellow homosexual who is inhibited or hesitant about any homosexual activity, or even his own homosexuality

limp wrist, n
1. effeminate homosexual
2. male homosexual

line up, n
performance, by heterosexual men, of an anal-intercourse train on a homosexual man

Linga, n

Lingam, n (Sanskrit)
1. phallic symbol under which the Hindu god , Siva, is worshipped
2. productive power of nature

lingerie, n
women’s underwear of linen, silk, rayon, etc.

lip, n
1. either of the two fleshy folds, normally pink or reddish in color, forming the edges of the mouth in man and many animals
2. anything resembling a lip

lips, n (slang)
1. labia, minora or majora
2. rectal opening
syn. anus; asshole

lip service, n (TheBeeTheBird 2010)
oral sex

lipstick lesbian, n
female homosexual who prefers to wear makeup and look conventionally feminine
ant. bull-dyke

liquid hair dressing, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. come; cum; semen

liquorish, adj
alternate spelling of lickerish

literature gallery, n
1. adult book store
2. anyplace that sells pornography

little black book, n
private notebook in which one keeps telephone numbers and details of sex partners

little boy in the boat, n
erect clitoris

little brother, n
1. penis (19th century)
2. younger, male, homosexual lover

Little Sodom, n
any place where homosexuals are located

live one, n
homosexual client of a male prostitute

live well, vi
lead a virtuous life

living doll, n
young, very attractive male

lizard, n

Lizzie, n (20s slang)
male homosexual

LLM, n (San Francisco 70s abbreviated slang)
long-haired leather man

load, n
1. fluid mixture of secretions and sperm produced in the male reproductive system and emitted during ejaculation
2. reflex action that occurs as a result of sexual stimulation or orgasm
syn. semen

load off one’s mind, n
removal of another’s penis from one’s anus

loafer toilet, n
rectal opening
syn. anus; asshole

loaves, n
syn. ass

lobcock, (18th century)

lobster, n
male prostitute

lobster pot, n
male prostitute who only sells his anus

lock hospital, n
hospital for the treatment of venereal diseases

locker room, n
amyl nitrite

locker room talk, n
detailed discussions concerning sexual conquests

loggerhead, n
penis longer than seven inches

loins, n 1. genitalia (Bible)
2. hips and the lower abdomen, regarded as a part of the body to be clothed or as the region of strength and procreative power

Lolicom, n
Lolita complex

Lolicon, n

Lolita complex, n
Attraction, of older men, to girls or very young women

lollipop, n (19th century)

lolita, n
sex with an underage girl

Lolita, n
underage girl

long, adj
possessing a penis longer than seven inches

long arm of the law, n (TheBeeTheBird 2010)

long pole, n
penis longer than seven inches

long pork, n
penis longer than seven inches

long-winded, adj
slow to ejaculate while being fellated

looker, n (middle 1800s)
good-looking, or handsome, person

looner, n
one with a fetish toward balloons

loop-de-loop, n (late 60s)

loops, n (60s)
pornographic film strip in a coin-operated viewing machine

loose, adj
1. sexually promiscuous
2. easy to have sex with
rel. waistcoateer; wench

loose lips, v (TheBeeTheBird 2010)
promiscuous female

lop cock, n
circumcised penis (30s & 40s)

Lorena Bobbitt, n
sex technique

lose gender, v
revert to an earlier sexual inclination

lost it, v
1. participated in first sexual act
2. had one’s erection cease

Lothario, n
1. libertine
2. roué
3. homosexual seducer of women

lounge lizard, n
one who is always in the bars, trying to pick up someone else’s lover

lovability, n
quality of being lovable

lovable, adj
1. worthy of love; endearing
2. possessing qualities that attract love

lovably, adv
in a lovable manner

love, n
1. strong, usually passionate, affection for a person of the opposite sex
2. one who is the object of such an affection; sweetheart; lover
3. sexual passion or its gratification

Love, n
1. Cupid, or Eros, as the god of love
2. Venus (rare)

love, vi
1. be in love
2. feel the emotion of love

love, vt
1. feel love for
2. show love for by embracing, fondling, kissing, etc.

loveable, adj
alternate spelling of lovable

love affair, n
1. amorous, or romantic, relationship or episode between two people not married to each other
2. amour

lovebirds, n

love buns, n
syn. ass

love charm, n
1. trinket by which love is supposed to be excited
2. philter

love child, n
offspring of illicit love

loveful, adj
full of love (rare)

love god, n
Cupid; Eros

love handle, n

love juice, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. come; cum; semen

lovelass, n

loveless, adj
1. without love (specifically, feeling no love)
2. receiving no love

love letter, n
correspondence professing love

love life, n
part of one’s life having to do with amorous, or sexual, relationships

lovelily, adv
1. in a lovely manner
2. in a manner to excite love

loveliness, n
quality of being lovely or lovable

lovelorn, adj
1. forsaken by one’s love
2. pining or suffering from love

lovely, adj
1. having those qualities that inspire love, affection, or admiration
2. morally, or spiritually, attractive

love-making, n
1. sex
2. wooing or embracing, fondling, kissing, etc.
rel. wanton

love-muscle, n

love potion, n
drink intended to arouse love, for a certain person, in the drinker

lover, n
1. one who loves (specifically, a sweetheart)
2. paramour (now usually applied only to a man)

lover, n
heterosexual male who financially supports, and indulges in, sexual relations with one or more homosexuals

lover-boy, n
1. handsome man
2. young lover

loverly, adj, adv
like, or in the manner of, a lover

lovers, n
man and a woman in love with each other

loverwise, adv
in a loverlike manner

love scene, n
demonstrative exhibition of mutual love (such a scene as given in a picture, novel, play, etc.)

lovesick, adj
1. languishing with love
2. expressive or languishing love

lovesickness, n
state, or quality, of being lovesick

love token, n
anything given as a symbol of love

love triangle, n
1. heterosexual male and homosexual female in love with the same woman
2. heterosexual female and homosexual male in love with the same man
3. relationship involving three people

love tunnel, n

loving, adj
1. feeling love; devoted
2. expressing love

loving-kindness, n
1. tender regard
2. loving care

lovingly, adv
in a loving manner
2. with love
3. affectionately

lovingness, n

low, adj
vulgar; debased; coarse; undignified

low, vt
1. make low
2. lower (obs)

lowbred, adj
ill-mannered; vulgar; crude; coarse

low-down, adj
mean; base; degraded; vulgar

low-lived, adj
having mean and vulgar characteristics

low-minded, adj
having or showing a coarse, vulgar mind

low neck and short sleeve, n
1. Jewish male
2. circumcised penis
syn. chopped cock; cleaned; clipped dick; cut out to be a gentleman; kosher; kosher-dill; koshermeat; kosher-style; low neck; nipped; skinned; skinned-back; short sleeves twenty-twenty

lowness, n
state or quality of being low

low-rent gay, n
homosexual male who spends all his money on designer clothes and fancy cars, but lives in below-standard conditions

loyalness, n
fidelity; loyalty

LRG, n (abbreviation)
Low-rent gay

LTR, n (90s) (abbreviation)
long-term relationship

lube, n (abbreviation)

lubricant, n
slippery substance used to make sex more comfortable and pleasurable

lubricity, n lubricities
lasciviousness; lewdness; lechery

lubricous, adj
having or characteristic by lubricity

Lucky Pierre, n
1. middle male in a threesome of males
2. one being penetrated while penetrating another during anal intercourse

lues, n
1. pestilence; plague
2. infectious, or contagious, disease
3. lues venera (abbreviation)

lues venera, n

luetic, adj

luetic, n

lumber, n
penis longer than seven inches

LURD, n (abbreviation) (prison slang)
lesbian until release date

luscious, adj
lascivious; wanton (obs)

lusciously, adv
in a luscious manner

lusciousness, n
quality of being luscious

lust, n
1. sexual desire
2. excessive sexual desire (especially as seeking unrestrained gratification)

lust, vi
feel an intense desire (especially sexual desire)

luster, n
one actuated by lust or strong desire

lustful, adj
1. having lascivious desires
2. libidinous; lewd
3. characterized by lust
4. exciting lust
syn. wanton

lustfully, adv
in a lustful manner

lustfulness, n
quality or state of being lusty

lustick, adj

lustihead, n (archaic)

lusthood, n (archaic)

lustily, adv
in a lusty manner

lustiness, n
quality or state of being lusty

lusty, adj (obs)

luxive, adj (obs)

luxurious, adj
1. fond of, or indulging in, luxury
2. constituting, or contributing to, luxury
syn. lustful; libidinous (obs)

luxuriously, adv
1. in a luxurious manner
2. voluptuously

luxuriousness, n
state, or quality, of being luxurious

luxurist, n (obs)
one given to luxury

luxury, n luxuries
1. lust
2. lewd desire (obs)

soft; gentle; effeminate; voluptuous; sensual