nachas, n
syn. ass

nail, v
have sex with

naka-nake, n
syn. ass

nakedness, n
1. nudity
2. condition of being open or uncovered
3. private parts of the body
4. genitals (archaic)

North American Man/Boy Love Association (abbreviation)

Names Project, n
San Francisco, CA commemoration of people who died of AIDS

Nance, n
variation on Nancy

Nancy, n
1. passive male homosexual (British 1800s slang)
2. buttocks (British/U.S. 1900s)
3. homosexual 
4. an effeminate male

Nancy Drew, n
1. homosexual person who discovers something new
2. homosexual Sherlock Holmes

nantey, adv (Polari)

Narcissan, adj
pertaining to or characteristic of Narcissus

Narcissine, adj

narcism, n

narcissism, n
1. self-love
2. in psychoanalysis, arrest at or regression to the first stage of sexual development, in which the self is an object of sexual pleasure

narcissist, n
one afflicted with narcissism

narcissistic, adj
pertaining to or characteristic of narcissism or a narcissist

narcist, n

narratophilia, n
fetish involving sexual arousal from telling erotic stories

narrow at the equator, adj
having a below average-sized penis

nastily, adv
in a nasty manner

nastiness, n
1. quality or condition of being nasty
2. nasty act, word, or expression

nasty, adj
1. filthy; foul
2. morally offensive; obscene

natal, adj
pertaining to the nates

natch, n
the rump

nates, n

natural breech, n (mid 60s)
anus that is amenable to all penis sizes

nature’s scythe, n (19th century)

naught, adj
1. base; low; vile; wicked
2. naughty (obs or archaic)

naughtily, adv
in a naughty manner

naughtiness, n
quality, state, or instance of being naughty

naughtly, adv (obs)

naughty, adj
showing lack of decorum
syn. corrupt (obs); evil; improper; indelicate; obscene; wicked

naval comber, v
have sex (specifically with a sailor)

navy style, n
anal intercourse

nearsighted, adj
syn. blind; blind as a boiled turnip; Canadian; skinned; tref

neck, vi (early 1900s)
1. kiss, caress and embrace
2. make love by kissing and caressing (slang)
syn. make out

neck, vt
kiss and caress in making love

neck bite, n

necklace, n
hickey that extends from ear to ear

necrophilia, n
fetish involving sexual arousal from corpses

necrophilism, n

necrophilous, adj
afflicted with necrophilia

negotiated infidelity, n
agreed-upon sexual privileges for partners in return for something

Nellie, n
alternate spelling of Nelly

Nelly, n (40s)
effeminate homosexual
syn. swish

nepiophilia, n
fetish involving sexual arousal stemming from infants

Neptune’s daughter, n
homosexual sailor
syn. aggie

Nero, n
Roman emperor

Netflix & chill, n
euphemism for engaging in sexual activity under the guise of going over to a partner’s home and watching a movie

neuter, adj
1. in biology, having no sexual organs
2. having underdeveloped or imperfect sexual organs in the adult
syn. asexual

neuter, n
1. homosexual male (as seen by the heterosexual)
2. an effeminate man
3. castrated animal
4. biology, a plant or animal lacking, or having, underdeveloped sexual organs
syn. eunuch

neuter, vt
castrate or spay (an animal)

new boy, n
new lover

New Jersey meat-hook, n
digitally penetrating a woman’s anus and feeling her cervix, while vaginally penetrating her

New York-style taco, n
vomiting on a woman’s vulva while performing cunnilingus

ninan, n

nine-dollar bill, n
unredeemable homosexual

nipped, adj
circumcised penis
syn. chopped cock; cleaned; clipped dick; cut out to be a gentleman; kosher; kosher-dill; koshermeat; kosher-style; low neck; skinned; skinned-back; short sleeves twenty-twenty

nipple, n
small protuberance on a breast or udder

Nixon, n
variation of Bullwinkle, in which you give two peace signs as your signal of dominance

nocturnal emission, n
ejaculation while asleep
rel. wet dream

no glove, no love, interj
no sex without a condom

nola, n
male homosexual

nonaccess, n
in law, lack of opportunity for sexual intercourse (especially between husband and wife)

nonage, n
in law, state of being under the lawful age of doing certain things, as making contracts, marrying, etc (usually, the state of being under 21)

non-gender specific, adj (90s)
sexually interested in both men and women
syn. AC-DC ambidextrous; bisexual

nonintercourse, adj
lack of intercourse

nonsexual, adj
without sex
syn. asexual; neuter

nonoxynol-9, n
spermicide added to lubricants to increase contraceptive effectiveness

no-nuts, n (70s)
dyke, n
syn. Amy-John; apache; brother-girl; bull dyke; big diesel; big diesel dyke; cat; collar-and-tie; dagger; dandysette; derrick; dike; Dutch girl; fellow; gal-officer; girl kisser; goudou; goungnotte; grousse; he-she; horsewoman; jasper; jota; king; king stud; lady-lover; lasser; lesbo; major; mal-flor; manflora; manny; mantee; marimacho; mason; pansy without a stem; pantalonuda; penis-envy queen; polone; poppa; pot; queer bird; queer queen; sapphist; she-male; she-man; shesexual; shim

noofter, n

nookey, n
alternate spelling of nookie

nookie, n (British 1800s)
1. sex act
2. sexual activity

nooky, n
1. one who is experienced at anal intercourse
2. prison prostitute 
3. sexually oppressed, repeated raped victim in prison
4. any young or inexperienced male who is to be penetrated
5. passive in anal intercourse
6. homosexual regarded only as a sex partner

nooner, n
sexual encounter occurring during the lunch hour (especially one that takes place at the office)
rel. quickie

North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), n
syn. Zymurgy

notch, n (abbreviation)
notch in a headboard

notch, v
perform a sex act

notch in headboard, n
sexual conquest

number, n
1. casual homosexual partner
2. sexual relationship

numbers game, n
combination of anal and oral in intercourse

nut, n
1. semen
2. any fluid secreted at orgasm
3. testicle

nut, v (abbreviation)
bust a nut

nuts, n

nut sac, n

nymph, n
lovely young woman

nympha, n nymphae
in anatomy, the labia minora

nymphet, n
pubescent girl (especially one who is sexually precocious)

nymphitis, n
in pathology, inflammation of the nymphae

nymphomania, n
1. woman’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
2. constant need for sex

nymphomaniac, adj
of, characteristic of, or having nymphomania

nymphomaniac, n (derogatory)
women afflicted with nymphomania

nymphomany, n

nymphotomy, n
operation removing the nymphae