O, n
the big “O” (abbreviation)

obscene, adj
offensive to modesty or decency
syn. lewd; impure

obscenely, adv
in an obscene manner

obsceneness, n

obscenity, n
1. state or quality of being obscene
2. something obscene

occupant, n (obs)

occupant, vi
be an occupant

occupier, n
one ho occupies

occupy, vt
have sexual intercourse with

occupational hazard, n (70s)
venereal disease
syn. VD

octopus, n
one who cannot keep his/her hands off another

Oda, General Nobunaga, n
13th-century -Japanese warlord

odalisk, n
alternate spelling of odalisque

odalisque, n
female slave or concubine in an oriental harem

oestrus,, n
alternate spelling of estrus
rel., rut

o face, n
facial expression of someone experiencing orgasm

off-color, adj
1. homosexual (criminal slang)
2. in bad taste
3. not quite proper
syn. indelicate, indecent

offend, vi
1. transgress moral or divine law
2. sin
3. commit a crime or fault

offend, vt
1. sin against
2. transgress

offendant, n (rare)

offender, n
1. one who offends
2. one who violates any law, divine or human
syn. criminal; trespasser; transgressor

offendress, n
female who offends

offense, n
1. sin
2. crime
3. transgression
4. something that causes sinning or wrongdoing

offensible, adj (obs)
liable to give offense

off the market, adj
1. living, with another homosexual, in a partnership of love or with mutual consent
2. in a long term relationship
3. in a monogamous relationship

ogle, v
gaze to convey a feeling of sexual desire
syn. check out

ogle-fakes, n (Polari)

ogles, n (Polari)

okole-mas, n
syn. ass

old blue, n 
syn. dick

oldest profession, n

old girl, n
elderly male homosexual

old goat, n
elderly male homosexual

old hen, n
elderly male homosexual

old horatian way, n (1800s)

old man, n
1. homosexual boyfriend or lover 
2. older man who shows affection for his younger male lover with gifts
3. older man who supports a younger lover or friend
syn. sugar daddy

old one, n
elderly male homosexual

old queen, n
elderly male homosexual

old queer, n
elderly male homosexual

old-rip, n
1. rectal opening
2. anus
3. asshole

old slimy, n (19th century)

old thing, n
elderly male homosexual

olfactophilia, n
fetish involving arousal by body smells

oligospermia, n
scant seminal secretion

Onan, n
Hebrew whose story is told in the bible
rel. onanism

onanism, n
1. cessation of penetration prior to ejaculation
2. masturbation

on a promise, adj
promised sexual intercourse

oncer, n
homosexual who will have only one sexual encounter with a person

oncing, v
refusing a second sexual encounter

on deck duty, n
anal intercourse

one and only, n
one’s beloved, sweetheart, lover

one-eyed monk, n (Chinese)

one-eyed monster, n

One, Inc., n
accredited graduate school, where students can earn a PhD. in homosexual studies

One Magazine, n 
one of the first homosexual magazines

one-nighter, n
one night stand

one night stand, n
1. sexual encounter occurring with an individual only once
2. person one has sex with only once
syn. bang-bang-bang; five-minute shack up; flash in the pan; glory hole sex; one night stand; one-shot; ONS; quick one; quick piece; quickie; short one; slam bam, thankee ma’am!; slam wham thankee ma’am!; tête-à-tête

one-shot, n
one night stand

on my toes, adj
sexual aroused by sucking a man’s toes

on the make, adj
1. open for sexual consideration
2. having no lover and looking for a lover or relationship
3. seeking sexual pleasure and conquest
syn. on the prowl

on the prowl, adj
1. without a lover
2. looking for a lover or relationship
3. seeking sexual pleasure and conquest
syn. on the make

one-way man, n
1. male prostitute
2. heterosexual male who will allow himself to be fellated but not pedicated
3. homosexual who will allow himself to be pedicated but will not perform fellatio

ONS, n (abbreviation)
one night stand
syn. quickie

on the DL, adj (abbreviation)
on the down low

on the down low, adj
practicing homosexuality, covertly, while living an overtly heterosexual life

on the game, v (1900s)

on the pull, v
attempting to meet a sexual partner

oomph, adj
talented at sex

oomph, n
1. sex appeal (slang)
2. sexual attractiveness (30s)

open relationship, n
partnership in which either or both parties consent to the other being free to have emotional and/or physical connections with others

open up, v

opened up, adj
1. not inexperienced in anal intercourse (prison slang)
2. prostituted in prison
3. sexually oppressed and repeatedly raped in prison
4. young or inexperienced male who is going to be penetrated
5. passive in anal intercourse
6. regarded a homosexual only as a sex partner

open the closet, v (70s)
expose a fellow homosexual to his/her heterosexual friends

ophthalmmoblennorrhea, n
gonorrheal or purulent ophthalmia

ophthalmoblennorrhoea, n

oppress, vt (obs)

oppression, n

oppressure, n

oral contraceptive, n
pill taken by women that allows them to have sex without becoming pregnant
rel. birth control pill

oral masturbation, n
performance of oral sex on oneself
rel. autoerotism; autofellation

oral sex, n
erotic stimulation of genitals with the lips, tongue and mouth

orchitis, n
inflammation of a testis

orchotomy, n
1. operation extracting a testicle
2. castration or semi-castration

orgasm, n
1. complex reaction involving physical reflexes and powerful emotions
2. pleasurable, climactic release of sexual tension
3. climax or culmination of a sexual act
4. peak of the plateau of sexual response cycle characterized by intense sensation of pleasure

orgastic, adj
pertaining to or exhibiting orgasm

orgiastic, adj
of, resembling, or relating to an orgy or orgies

orgy, n orgies
1. group sex
2. sexual encounter with three or more people
syn. birthday party; cluster fuck; cluster party; flesh picnic; gang-fuck; group party; group therapy; love feast; mass lay; mazol party; pajama party; pig pile; poke party; Russian salad party; sex marathon
rel. back room; bathhouse; zipper club

orgy room, n
room in a homosexual bath house

original sin, n
tendency toward sin and depravity

orogenitalism, n
oral sex

oscheocele, n
tumor or swelling of the scrotum
syn. scrotal hernia

osculant, adj

oscular, adj
of the mouth or kissing

osculate, vt

osculation, n

osculatory, adj

osphresiolagnia, n
sexual gratification achieved by smell, often through specific odors

ostium, n ostia
1. in anatomy, a mouth or orifice
2. passage

otter, n
thin bear

Our Lady, n
Virgin Mary

our lady of the vapors, n
one who frequents the baths
syn. Bathsheba

out, adj
1. seduce a heterosexual man
2. openly living as a homosexual (90s)
syn. bring out

out, v
declare, publicly, the homosexuality of oneself or another

outing, n
1. declaration of closeted public figures to be homosexual
2. exposition of a fellow homosexual to his/her heterosexual friends, boss, or to the press

out-of-the-closet, adj
openly homosexual
syn. drop beads; out

outrage, n
any serious breach of legal or moral codes

outrage, vt
commit a rape or indecent assault upon (a female)

outwhore, vt
exceed in lewdness

overcoat, n
syn. raincoat; rubber; topcoat

overcultured, adj
excessively homosexual

over the bridge to Plimpton, n
anal intercourse

over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, n

ovotestis, n
1. structure that generates within itself both spermatozoa and ova
2. hermaphrodite organ

oyster, n (British homosexual slang)
1. mouth
2. semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm 
3. placement of one’s ice-numbed testicles in another’s mouth to be fellated

oyster stew, n
ejaculated semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm
syn. jawfest; pricknic