udder, n
male homosexual

ultimate insult, n
urinating in the mouth of a fellator

unchaste, adj

uncircumcised, adj
not circumcised
syn. blind; blind as a boiled turnip; Canadian; nearsighted; skinned; tref; unsliced

uncircumcision, n
absence of circumcision

unclean, adj
1. not clean
2. ceremonially impure
3. morally impure
syn. foul; dirty; filthy; obscene; unchaste; vile

uncleanliness, n
quality or condition of being unclean

uncleanly, adv
1. not cleanly
2. in an unclean manner
syn. unclean; dirty

uncut, adj
not circumcised
syn. blind; blind as a boiled turnip; Canadian; nearsighted; skinned; uncircumcised penis; unsliced

undecency, n

unfaithful, adj
1. adulterous
2. guilty of adultery

unfaithfully, adv
in an unfaithful manner

unfaithfulness, n
state or quality of being unfaithful

ungodlily, adv
impiously; wickedly

ungodliness, n
state or quality of being ungodly

ungodly, adj
not godly or religious; impious
syn. sinful; wicked

ungodly, adv (archaic)
in an impious, sinful, or wicked manner

uniform, n (40s)
homosexual serviceman
syn. Miss USO

uniform mo, (40s)
male homosexual

Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, n (UFMCC)
first American homosexual church

nnload, v

unmaiden, vt (obs)

unman, vt
1. emasculate
2. deprive of virility
3. castrate

unmanned, adj
deprived of manly qualities
syn. emasculated

unmoral, adj
1. having no morality
2. neither moral nor immoral
syn. nonmoral

unmorality, n
state or quality of being unmoral

unmoralized, adj
1. untutored by morality
2. not conformed to good morals

unpervert, vt
free from perversion

unprinciple, vt (rare)
destroy the moral principles of

unprincipled, adj
1. having no good moral principles
2. destitute of virtue
3. not restrained by conscience
syn. unscrupulous

unprincipledness, n
quality or state of being unprincipled

unprintable, adj
1. not printable
2. not fit to be printed (because of obscenity)

unpure, adj
not pure
syn. impure

unpurely, adv

unpureness, n

unregenerate, adj
syn. loosely; wicked

unregeneration, n (obs)
state of being unregenerate

unrighteous, adj
not righteous
syn. sinful; wicked

unsavory, adj unsavoury
1. offensive
2. disagreeable
3. unpleasant (especially morally)

unscrupulous, adj
1. not restrained by ideas of right or wrong
2. having no moral principles
3. not scrupulous
syn. unprincipled

unseemliness, n
condition or character of being unseemly
syn. impropriety; indecency; indecorum; uncomeliness

unseemly, adv
1. not seemly
2. not fit, decent, or becoming
syn. unbecoming; uncomely; improper; indecorous

unsex, vt
deprive of the qualities considered characteristic of one’s sex (especially, to make unwomanly)

unsliced, adj
syn. blind; blind as a boiled turnip; Canadian; nearsighted; skinned

unspotted, adj
1. not stained
2. figuratively, free from moral stain
3. untainted with guilt
syn. immaculate; unblemished

unspottedness, n
state of being unspotted

untidily, adv
in an untidy manner

untidiness, n
state or quality of being untidy

untidy, adj

unwemmed, adj
1. unspotted
2. unstained
3. spotless
4. pure (archaic)

unwholesome, adj
1. not wholesome
2. morally harmful or corrupt

unwholesomely, adv
in an unwholesome manner

unwholesomeness, n
quality or state of being unwholesome

unwoman, vt
deprive of the qualities of a woman

up for grabs, adj
1. up for sexual consideration 
2. having no lover, and looking for a lover or relationship

upskirt, n
picture or video (sometimes taken surreptitiously) showing the view up the skirt or dress of a woman

uranian, n (European)

uranism, n (antique medical term)

urethra, n urethrae, urethras
membranous canal, through which urine is discharged from the bladder (in the male, sperm is also discharged through the urethra)

urethral, adj
pertaining to the urethra

urethritic, adj
of or relating to urethritis

urethritis, n
inflammation of the urethra

urethro-, n
combining form meaning urethra

urinal sniffers, n
vice squad that works washrooms (enticing homosexuals into sex) or behind two-way mirrors waiting to arrest men having sex
syn. agents provocateurs; crapper dick; decoys; peep-hole squad; shakers

urning, n (19th century)
1. homosexuality 
2. homosexual male

urolagnia, n
1. erotic interest in urine
2. one who has a urine fetish
3. golden shower
4. watersport
rel. yellow-stream queer

urophilia, n
fetish involving sexual arousal from being urinated on

ussypay, n (Pig Latin)
inmate up for sexual consideration, by consent or rape (prison slang)