v, w

V/A, n (abbreviation)
virgin ass

vaccino-syphilis, n
syphilis transmitted by syphilitic impurity in the vaccine

vacuum clean, v
give a hickey

vacuum cleaner, n (British homosexual slang)
1. talented fellator 
2. vampire

vagin-, n

vagina, n vaginas, vaginae
1. in anatomy and zoology, a sheath
2. sheathlike part or organ
3. in female mammals, the canal which leads from the vulva to the uterus
4. woman’s internal sex organ
5. canal into which the penis is inserted during sexual intercourse and out of which babies are delivered
syn. girlfriend; Virginia; yoni

vaginal, adj
1. of, like, or pertaining to a sheath or vagina
2. resembling a sheath
3. of, for, or pertaining to the vagina of a female mammal

vaginal orgasm, n
1. female orgasm caused by penetration of the vagina without clitoral stimulation
2. orgasm solely through intercourse without simultaneous clitoral stimulation

vaginate, adj
having a vagina

vaginated, adj 

vaginismus, n
1. spasmodic contraction of the sphincter muscle of the vagina
2. sexual problem where vaginal muscles contract so tightly that intercourse is difficult or impossible

vaginitis, n
inflammation of the vagina

vagino-, n
combining form meaning vagina

vaginotomy, n
surgical incision of the vaginal wall

vagrancy, n vagrancies
1. shiftless or idle
2. conduct or way of life of a vagrant
rel. prostitute; hooker

vagrant, adj
living the life of a vagabond or vagrant

vagrant, n
in law, a tramp, beggar, prostitute, or similar idle or disorderly person whose way of living makes him/her liable to be arrested and jailed

vagrantness, n (rare)
state of vagrancy

vagrom, adj (archaic)
syn. prostitute

va-jay-jay, n 

vajayjay, n

valley, n (early 50s)
crevice between buttock cheeks
syn. crease; crack; foul line

vampire, n
1. man who is sexually aroused by sucking on the neck of his partner
2. male homosexual who usurps another’s partner
3. old man with a sexual need for young men 
4. one who goes on a vampire run
5. male homosexual with sexual attraction, and need, for sadistic biting of nipples, shoulders, and buttocks
6. pedophile
syn. black widow; burglar; creature of the night; dragon lady; spider lady

vampire run, n
out locating sexual encounters (in the very early hours of the morning)

vanilla, n
1. non-penetrative sex
2. conventional sex (with connotation of being boring)
3. sex that does not incorporate sadomasochism or other sexual play
4. non-kinky sex
5. “traditional” sex (usually between men and women)

vaporina, n
1. obnoxiously smelly homosexual
2. homosexual who puts on too much perfume, eats garlic, doesn’t wipe himself thoroughly, or refuses to wear deodorant

vas deferens, n
convoluted excretory duct of a testicle, conveying sperm from the testicle to the ejaculatory duct of the penis
rel. penis

vasa deferentia, n
vas deferens

vasectomy, n
surgical removal of all or part of the vas deferens

vasectomy, n
surgery rendering a man infertile

vasotomy, n vasotomies
surgical cutting of the vas deferens (for the purpose of sterilizing sexually)

vaulting house, n (obs)

VD, n (French army slang abbreviation)
venereal disease
syn. burn; clap; cupid’s itch; dirty barrel; dirty gun; dose; gonorita; head cold; morning drop; occupational hazard; rash; rusty rifle; souvenir 
rel. bend a pipe on the pisser; give someone a burn; gonny

Vegetarian Hot Lunch, n
analingus technique

venereal, adj
1. having to do with sexual love or intercourse
2. transmitted by sexual intercourse with an infected person
3. infected with a venereal disease
4. for the cure of such a disease

venereal disease, n
sexually transmitted disease

venerean, adj (obs)

venereology, n
study or science of venereal disease

venereous, adj
1. giving vigor for, or inclination, to venery
2. aphrodisiac (obs)
syn. lustful; libidinous

venerous, adj

venery, n
1. sexual intercourse
2. indulgence of sexual desire (archaic)

venturer, n (obs)

Verlaine, Paul, n
1. French poet
2. lover of Rimbaud

vertu, n (obs)
alternate spelling of virtue

very tasty, n
good-looking male

Versatile, n
1. one who can be passive or active
2. bisexual

vesicopubic, adj
pertaining to the bladder and the pubes

vesicovaginal, adj
pertaining to the bladder and the vagina

vessels, n (Biblical euphemism)
male genitals

Vesta, n
in Roman mythology, goddess of the hearth and its fire

vestal, adj
1. pertaining, sacred, or devoted to Vesta
2. of the Vestal virgins
syn. pure; chaste

vestal, n
1. virgin
2. woman of spotless chastity

Vestal, n (abbreviation)
vestal virgin

Vestal virgin, n
virgin consecrated to Vesta and to the service of watching the sacred fire

Veterans Benevolent Association, n
one of the first homosexual organizations

Viagra, n
1. registered trademark of Pfizer
2. sildenafil citrate
3. commercial drug designed to treat erectile dysfunction
rel. Levitra

vibe, n (abbreviation)

vibrator, n
pulsating sex toy
rel. dildo

vice squad, n
division of the police force charged with the suppression or control of prostitution, gambling, and other vices

Vice Versa, n
first lesbians’ magazine

victimless crime, n (60s)
statutory crime regarded as having no clearly identified victim
ant. homosexuality

vile affections, n (Biblical term)

violate, vt
rape (a girl or woman)
syn. molest; ravish; sexual assault
rel. ravishment; violation

violation, n
rape; ravishment

violative, adj
1. violating
2. tending to or causing violation

violator, n

violet wand, n
BDSM sex toy

Virgil, n
Roman poet, who wrote “Corydon”

virgin, adj
1. being a virgin
2. composed of virgins
3. characteristic of, or proper to, a virgin
syn. chaste; modest

virgin , n
1. young woman, who has not had sexual intercourse
2. girl or unmarried woman
3. less commonly, a man (especially a youth) who has not had sexual intercourse
4. in ecclesiastical usage, a member of a religious order of women, as a nun, who has taken a vow of chastity
5. Madonna
6. representation of the Virgin Mary in art
7. female animal that has not copulated
8. condition of virginity (rare)
9. Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus
10. Virgo
11. man or woman who has never engaged in penetrative penile-vaginal sexual intercourse
12. male who has never been pedicated

virgin, vi
play the virgin
syn. chaste

virginal, adj
1. of, characteristic of, or proper to a virgin
2. remaining in a state of virginity
syn. pure; fresh; maidenly ; untouched; unsullied

virginal, n
in the Roman Catholic church, the book of devotional services to the Virgin

virginale, n
alternate spelling of virginal

virginal membrane, n

virgin ass, n
inexperienced in anal intercourse

virgin birth, n
in Christian theology, the doctrine that Jesus was born to Mary without prejudice to her virginity and that she was his only human parent

virginhood, n
maidenhood; virginity

virginity, n
state or fact of being a virgin
syn. maidenhood; celibacy

Virgo, n
1. sixth sign of the zodiac which the sun enters about august 22
2. equatorial constellation between Leo and Libra
3. virgin

virile, adj
1. pertaining to, belonging to, or characteristic of an adult man
2. of, or capable of, procreation
syn. manly; masculine; male

virilia, n
male generative organs

virility, n
1. state or quality of being virile
2. complete manhood
3. power of procreation
4. character or conduct of a man
5. masculinity

viripotent, adj
sexually mature
syn. marriageable

virtue, n
1. general moral goodness
2. right action and thinking
3. particular moral quality regarded as good or meritorious (specifically, in philosophy and theology)
4. any of the cardinal virtues or theological virtues
5. chastity (especially in a woman)
syn. morality; rectitude; uprightness

virtueless, adj
without virtue or moral goodness

virtuous, adj
1. having, or characterized by, moral virtue
2. morally good
syn. chaste; pure (applied to women)

virtuously, adv
1. in a virtuous manner
2. in conformity with the moral law or with duty

virtuousness, n
state or character of being virtuous

voluptuary, adj
of or characterized by luxury and sensual pleasure

voluptuary, n
1. voluptuary
2. one who is devoted to luxury or to the gratification of the appetite and other sensual pleasures
syn. sensualist

voluptuous, adj
1. full of, producing, or characterized by sensual delights and pleasures
2. suggesting or expressing sensual pleasure or gratification
3. arising from sensual gratification
syn. sensual

voluptuously, adv
in a voluptuous manner

voluptuousness, n
state or quality of being voluptuous

volupty, adj (obs)

vominatrix, n
dominatrix who specializes in making clients vomit

voyeur, n
1. one given to voyeurism
2. peeping Tom

voyeurism, n
1. achievement of sexual gratification from watching sexual acts of others or viewing persons in the nude
2. perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained by looking at sexual objects or scenes
ant. exhibitionism

vulv-, n

vulva, n
1. external genital organs of the female
2. opening or orifice of the external female genitals
syn. girlfriend

vulval, adj
of the vulva

vulvar, adj

vulvate, adj
vulvar; vulviform

vulviform, adj
1. in zoology, like the vulva in form or appearance
2. oval

vulvismus, n

vulvitis, n
inflammation of the vulva

vulvo-, n
combining form meaning vulva

vulvovaginal, adj
of or pertaining to the vulva and vagina

vulvovaginits, n
inflammation of the vulva and vagina

wad, n

waffle, n (slang)
male homosexual

waistcoateer, n
formerly, a woman who wore a waistcoat without a gown
syn. prostitute

Wake-Up Call, n
sex maneuver

walk of shame, n
trip home, wearing the previous day’s clothing, after a night of questionable behavior

walk with a lisp, adj
passive homosexual

Walrus, n
sex maneuver

wang, n (early 1900s)
syn. cock; penis; wanger; whang; whanger

wanger, n
syn. cock; wang; whang; whanger

wank, v

wanker, n
1. penis
2. masturbator
3. one who wanks

wank off, v

wanton, adj
unrestrained by the rules of chastity
syn. lascivious; lewd; libidinous; lustful

wanton, n
wanton person or thing (especially an immoral or unchaste man or woman)

wanton, vi
indulge in playful, indiscriminate, or excessive lovemaking

wanton, vt (obs)
make wanton

wantonize, vi (archaic)
behave wantonly

wantonly, adv
in a wanton manner

wantonness, n
quality or state of being wanton

waps, n
woman’s breasts

Wassermann reaction, n
Wassermann test
rel. August von Wassermann

Wassermann test, n
test used to diagnose syphilis
syn. Wassermann reaction

watch queen, n
one standing guard while others are having sex in public

water chestnuts, n (San Francisco 70s slang)
homosexual Japanese sailor
rel. aggie

water lily, n (Las Vegas late 60s slang)
homosexual British sailor
rel. aggie

watersports, n (late 60s)
sexual acts involving urine or enemas
rel. golden shower

wave, n (San Francisco late 60s)
homosexual sailor
syn. aggie

wave the wand, v

wax, v
masturbate another

wazoo, n
rectal opening
syn. anus; asshole

wear a mourning veil, v
attempt to conceal one’s homosexuality

web-center, n
rectal opening
syn. anus; asshole; wazoo

weeble, n
overweight, homosexual man
rel. homosexual

weeney, n
alternate spelling of weenie

weenie, n
penis (especially when not erect)

weeny, n
alternate spelling of weenie

wee-wee, n
syn. weenie, weeney; weenie; weenie; weeny; wiener

well-endowed, adj
1. having a penis longer than 7 inches
2. having breasts larger than a C-cup
syn. hung; well-equipped; well-hung

well-equipped, adj
having a penis longer than 7 inches
syn. hung; well-endowed; well-hung

well hung, adj
having a penis longer than 7 inches
syn. hung; well-endowed; well-equipped

wench, n
1. woman of loose character
2. prostitute (archaic)

wench, vi (archaic)
associate with prostitutes or loose women

wencher, n
one who wenches

wenchless, adj
having no wench

western grip, n
masturbation technique

western patio, n
flat buttocks
syn. cracker ass; flat tire

westside glaze, n
ejaculation on the left side of the face

wet, adj
lubrication of the vagina when a woman is sexually aroused

wet dream, n
1. erotic dream culminating in orgasm
2. exceedingly pleasurable or exciting experience, situation, or fantasy

whack off, v
wank off
syn. masturbate

whang, n (early 1900s)
alternate spelling of wang
syn. cock; penis; wang; wanger; whanger

whanger, n 1900s)
penis (early
syn. cock; penis; wang; wanger

wheel-chair set, n (offensive)
elderly male homosexual

white-haired bar, n (New York City mid 60s)
drinking establishment where middle-aged and elderly male homosexuals go to meet

white slave, adj
1. of white slaves
2. in white slavery

white slave, n
woman unwillingly forced, or held, in prostitution for the profit of others
rel. whorehouse

white slaver, n
one engaged in white-slave traffic
rel. white slave; prostitute; prostitution; white slavery; whorehouse

white slavery, n
1. business or practice of prostitution with white slaves
2. condition of white slaves
rel. whorehouse; whorish; The Mann Act

whitewash the back 40, v
orally stimulate the anus by kissing, licking, or penetrating with one’s mouth, tongue, or both
rel. analingus; cunilingus; fellatio

whoops, interj
exclamation used in recognition of a fellow homosexual

whore, n
1. woman who engages in illegal sexual intercourse, especially one who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse for pay
2. unrestrained homosexual
3. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
4. one that needs to have sex all the time
syn. prostitute; harlot; calendar kid; cheap thing; chippy; chuspanel; club date; cruise; Delilah; dirt lay; dirty thing; fallen woman; floozy; garbage woman; ginny woman; ground woman; gutter limits; hoor; horndog; hussy; Jezebel; lay of the land; man trap; privates investigator; scandal girl; scarlet woman; scrub woman; slut; swamp woman; tart; thirty-day boy; satyriasis; satyromania; wear a change belt
rel. whorehouse; whorish

whore, vi
1. be a whore
2. fornicate with whores
rel. whorehouse; whorish

whore, vt (archaic)
make a woman into a whore
rel. whorehouse; whorish

whoredom, n
prostitution or fornication
rel. whorehouse; whorish

whorehouse, n
1. place where prostitutes are for hire
2. homosexual Turkish baths
syn. brothel; baths; church; den; den of sin; flesh factory; hygiene hall; skin room; the tubs
rel. whoredom; whorella; whoremaster; whoremasterly; whorish

whore lap, n
circling of the bar looking for sex partners

whorella, n
1. male prostitute
2. working girl
3. unrestrained homosexual
4. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse 
5. one who needs to have sex constantly
syn. Barbarella; floozy; horndog; thirty-day boy; satyriasis; satyromania; whore; wild thing

whoremaster, n
1. one who keeps or procures whores for others
2. man who fornicates with whores
syn. pimp; procurer; lecher
rel. whoremasterly; whorish; whorishly

whoremasterly, adj
having the character of a whoremaster
syn. libidinous
rel. whorish; whorishly

whoremonger, n
syn. lecher
rel. whorish; whorishly

whorish, adj
1. lewd
2. having the nature of a whore
rel. whorishly

whorishly, adv
in a whorish manner

whorishness, n
character of being whorish

widger, n

wiener, n
1. flaccid penis
2. more passive of a homosexual couple
syn. weenie, weeney, weeny; wife

wienie, n
flaccid penis

wienie washer, n (trucker slang)
homosexual man

wife, n
submissive in a homosexual relationship
syn. weenie, weeney, weeny; wiener

wife swapping, n
married couples having sex with other married couples
rel. swinging

Wilde, Oscar, n
English ‘writer

wild thing, adj
1. man-hungry 
2. willing to try homosexuality

wild thing, n
1. unrestrained homosexual
2. man’s uncontrollable desire for sexual intercourse
3. one who needs to have sex constantly
4. prospective sex partner
5. sex
6. male prostitute
syn. horndog; thirty-day boy; satyriasis; satyromania; whore; whorella

Williams, Rev. John, n
Just as I Am author

willy, n
male homosexual

Wilmont of Rochester, John Earl, n
English poet

wink, adj (abbreviation)

winkie, adj

winkie, n

winkle, n (19th century)

winkt, n (American Indian)
syn. berdaches

winktepi, n (American Indian Lakota)
anal intercourse between men 
rel. gay; homosexual

wise, adj
well-acquainted with practices and locales of homosexual culture
rel. gay; lesbian

wise to, adj
1. aware of another’s homosexuality
2. heterosexual, and well-informed about homosexuality
3. heterosexual, but has participated in homosexuality 
4. heterosexual, and very sympathetic to, and tolerant of, homosexuals

witch, v
arouse sexually and then refuse to gratify

witch hunt, n
looking to arrest one on homosexual charges

with it?, n
1. question inquiring if another wants to go out looking for sex partners
2. any of the evening activities of homosexual culture
rel. cruising; gay; lesbian; sex

wittol, n (archaic)
man who is tolerant of his wife’s infidelity

wittolly, adv
like or characteristic of a wittol

wolf, n
aggressive male who seeks out weak or frightened younger prisoners for sexual exploitation (prison slang)
syn. predicator

womanize, vt (colloq)
practice adultery with a woman

woo, vi
1. court
2. make love

woo, vt
1. court
2. make love to (usually with the intention of proposing marriage)
3. woo (obs)

wood, n
syn. woody

woody, n
syn. wood

Woody Woodpecker, n
sex maneuver

wooer, n
1. one who courts or woos
2. suitor

wooing, n
act of one who woos

wooingly, adv
1. in a wooing manner
2. enticingly

working girl, n
1. male prostitute
2. whore
syn. horndog; thirty-day boy; satyr; wild thing

wowe, vi (obs)

wowe, vt (obs)

wrestling freak, n
1. one achieves reaches sexual gratification through wrestling
2. one who enjoys watching pornography or using nude photographic material while masturbating

wrinkie room, n
drinking establishment where middle-aged and elderly male homosexuals go to meet

wrong, adj
not morally right or just
syn. sinful; wicked; immoral

wrong, vt
seduce (a woman)