x, y, z

x , n
1. sex (euphemism)
2. kiss
3. former lover

x-appeal , n
1. photographs of nude men (60s camp)
2. masculine sex appeal
syn. beefcake

x’ey, adj
sexy (euphemism)

x-rated , adj
1. pornographic
2. purely sexual relationship
3. showing explicit sex acts
syn. xxx

xxx, adj
x-rated (abbr)

.xxx, n
proposed extension for adult websites

Yaoi, n
Japanese erotic anime that focuses on male-on-male sexuality

Yaoi-Con, n
rel. yaoi

yard, n
penis (obs)

yeastful buns a plenty, n (San Francisco Black homosexual slang – late 60s)
fully rounded buttocks that are firm and well- shaped
syn. Dutch dumplings; roumders; royal buns; rumpus delecti

yellow-stream queer, n (San Francisco – 70s)
1. urolagnia
2. one who has a urine fetish
3. one who likes to be urinated on
4. erotic interest in urine

yeomanette, n (mid 60s)
young homosexual in the Navy (age 17 to 22)

yerd, n
alternate spelling of yard

yiffing, n
cyber sex between two or more members of furry fandom

yoni, n (Sanskrit)
1. in Hindu mythology, phallic symbol
2. vagina or representation of vagina (ancient Indian)
3. tantric sex
rel. Lingham

yoo-hoo boy, n (obs)
homosexual, as referred to by a heterosexual (slang)

yoyo, n
1. male who goes back and forth between men and women
2. male bisexual

yum-yum, n (19th century)

zanie, n (middle 19th century) (rare)
male homosexual

zipper club, n
1. orgy room in a bar, bathhouse, or toilet
2. back room

zombie mask, n
sex maneuver

zook, n (French slang)
old prostitute

zoo number, n
one who has a sexual attraction to, and desire for, animals
rel. zoo queen

zoophile, n
one who has sexual interest in animals

zoophilia, n
1. sexual interest in animals
2. bestiality

zoo queen, n
1. one who has sexual attraction to, and desire for, animals
2. homosexual animal lover
3. one who wants to be treated like an animal
4. pedophile; zoo number

zoosperm, n
spermatozoon, zoospermium

zoospermatic, adj
of or having to do with zoosperm

zoospermium, n

Zymurgy, n
name under which North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is incorporated